Faith vs. WF

Faith vs. WF on Language Log and AZBlog:

in addition, there are a number of postings on avoidance vs. use of taboo vocabulary in quotations

AZ, 1/29/06: Dubious quotation marks:
punctuation and spelling

AZ, 4/9/07: Ducky identity:

AZ, 8/1/07: Cousin of eggcorn:

AZ, 8/12/07: e e cummings and his iPod: Faith vs. WF again:
spelling (esp. capitalization)

AZ, 9/21/07: Punctuational hypercorrection:

AZ, 3/23/08: Article-article article abstract:
articles in proper names

AZ, 8/17/08: A few dollops of taboo avoidance:
taboo avoidance

AZ, 10/30/08: Periods:
periods in abbreviations

4/21/09: Sallys:

GP, 2/2/09: If you’re uneducated you say it right:

6/23/09: BlackBerrys and BlackBerrying:

6/27/09: Faith vs. WF:
inventory of postings

12/1/10: Data points: Faith vs. WF 12/1/10:
spelling, periods in initialisms

1☛ 2/23/10: Data points: Faith vs WF 12/23/10:
periods in initialisms

12/25/10: More periodophilia in the NYT:

2/28/11: A little more periodophilia:
NYT periodophilia

9/19/11: September 19th:
ordinals in dates

GP, 12/11/12: Accuracy versus consistency:
Martini in Economist, martini in NYT style

10/31/14: whisk(e)y:

1/3/15: Centres:
Centres for Disease Control

5/29/15: Faith vs. WF in the magazine world:
Guardian US, the Economist

6/8/16: -able -ible:
collectable, collectible

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