Faith vs. WF

Still another inventory of postings on Language Log and this blog, this time of discussions of conflicts between faithfulness (Faith) and well-formedness (WF), updating the inventory in “Article-article article abstract” and adding very brief annotations.

This inventory doesn’t include some types of cases that have been discussed in these blogs, but without an actual reference to faithfulness, among them: use vs. avoidance of taboo vocabulary in quotation (except in “A few dollops of taboo avoidance”, below); preservation vs. adaptation in borrowing (except in “If you’re uneducated you say it right”, below); “semantic” vs. “grammatical” determination in agreement; assignment of nouns to Count or Mass (on the basis of semantics vs. conventions).

AZ, 1/29/06: Dubious quotation marks:
punctuation and spelling

AZ, 4/9/07: Ducky identity:

AZ, 8/1/07: Cousin of eggcorn:

AZ, 8/12/07: e e cummings and his iPod: Faith vs. WF again:
spelling (esp. capitalization)

AZ, 9/21/07: Punctuational hypercorrection:

AZ, 3/23/08: Article-article article abstract:
articles in proper names

AZ, 8/17/08: A few dollops of taboo avoidance:
taboo avoidance

AZ, 10/30/08: Periods:
periods in abbreviations

GP, 2/2/09: If you’re uneducated you say it right:

BlackBerrys and BlackBerrying


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  1. Emily Says:

    “Ducky identity” has got to be the most intellectual thing ever written about rubber ducks that look like dogs. I quite like it.

  2. arnoldzwicky Says:

    Missed one:

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    […] between faithfulness (Faith) and well-formedness (WF) — see the inventory of postings here — resolved in two different ways: in favor of Faith in the first case, WF in the […]

  5. Our apostrophized holidays « Arnold Zwicky's Blog Says:

    […] over Faith (faithfulness, in this case fitting the expression to the context); on Faith vs. WF, see here. (Let me remind you that neither Faith nor WF is "right"; they are two equally valid, but often […]

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