Gary Larson cartoons

Far Side etc.

ML, 12/23/04: What kemosabe really means:

ML, 1/21/08: Dog language mailbag:

7/15/12: Cow saws and mondegreens:

Cow saws and mondegreens

7/28/12: The Mrowr and the Whine:

The Mrowr and The Whine


7/28/12: Far Side puns:

Far Side puns

8/26/12: Playful variations:

Playful variations

3 Far Side cartoons

11/10/12: Cartoon proverbs:

Cartoon proverbs

6/20/15: Chris Hansen comment on “Screaming for ice cream”:
Gary Larson Far Side cartoon

12/7/16: Interview with a supremo:
Far Side cartoon

6/9/17: An old mammoth joke:

6/15/17: For Saul Steinberg:

7/17/17: Amoeba humor:

3/22/18: Labeling the worl:

8/2/18: Advances in phobology:

2/18/19: Three exercises in cartoon understanding:

9/3/19: Cavemen of higher education:
#2: 1982 Far Side cartoon

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