Scott Hilburn cartoons

5/6/11: A conjugational visit:

7/4/12: The perils of fronting:
3 Hilburn cartoons

6/29/13: Poultry in motion:

3/17/14: A sweep of five:
Hilburn in #1

3/23/14: Multiple puns:

8/4/15: green … egg … (ham):

10/22/15: Bread play:

3/7/16: Another carbon dating cartoon:

7/11/16: Word play for 7-11:

4/11/17: Irritable vowel syndrome:

9/24/17: Stuck in Folsom Prison:

3/15/18: Pi Day + 1:

4/14/18: Tail caps:

7/10/18: What did the Cretan bull say to Hercules when the hero tamed him?:

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