Phallicity: The wurst

Phallicity postings: the wurst
sausages / wieners / hot dogs / frankfurters as phallic symbols


☛ 3/27/10: The Saturday cartoon crop:

The Saturday cartoon crop

☛ 8/22/10: for Mod values of Adj:

for Mod values of Adj

☛ 8/23/10: Failure to fact-check:

Failure to fact-check

introduction of the term phallicity

☛ 9/11/10: Pink Freud:

Pink Freud

☛ 9/12/10: Phallicity: Würste:
collages #1-5; dicks in buns #4-5

☛ 9/21/10: Phallicity: hi-def meets hot dog:

☛ 10/31/10: Wieners:

☛ 4/1/11: Rutt’s and Mutt’s:

☛ 8/23/11: Corndogs and their ilk:

☛ 1/17/12: Wienerfest:

☛ 5/20/12: Creepy phallicity:

☛ 7/19/12:  Annals of edgy phallicity:

☛ 6/28/13: Naked came the ad:

☛ 6/30/13: Gestures and symbols:

☛ 6/25/14: Want mustard on that?:
dick on bun?

☛ 6/25/14: Mustard on AZBlogX:
extended version of the previous

☛ 7/12/14: dorkage:

☛ 8/7/14: Power Dogs:
hot dog figure in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

☛ 1/9/15: Advice from Weenie Beenie:

☛ 5/10/15: Hatch NM:
#2: giant hotdog

6/11/15: One more monstrous food item:
Hot Dog Bites Pizza

☛ 6/25/15: The news for penises, including accidental ones:
tube steak and white gravy

10/31/15: Rosamunde:
Rosamunde Sausage Grill; display of sausages, phallic logo, sausage charmer image

11/7/15: Adventures in food: vintage Betty Crocker, fun with hot dogs:
phallic food: hot dog dishes

1/29/16: P.C. Vey:
cartoon with giant hotdog

2/19/16: Mid-February news for penises:
Swift Premium hotdog ad

2/25/16: a katakana para:
Bahama Mama smoked sausage

3/10/16: The news for penises: hot dogs for 5, carrots for 2:
hot dog in graphic

3/22/16: The dubious commercial names files:
photo in Arne Adolfsen comment, of Big Weenies Are Better in Hollywood

3/30/16: Back to Braunschweig:
Mettwurst of two types (hard and soft), kielbasas

4/4/16: From the groaner annals:
ball park franks

4/18/16: Meet the Wieners, stampeding in buns:
wiener dogs cast as hot dogs, in buns

4/24/16: The gigantic metaphor:
Zippy with the Wienermobile

7/4/16: Fireworks, hot dogs, and, yes, gun sales:
three phallic elements, including the hot dogs

7/7/16: Celebrations:
4th of July hot-dog eating

7/14/16: Wolverine eats a weenie:
eat a weenie ‘consume a hotdog’ OR ‘fellate a penis’

11/8/16: News for animated penises:
the movie Sausage Party, with animated hot dogs

5/17/17: Red hots, getcher red hots!:
Memorial Day hot dogs

5/19/17: Play with your hit dogs:
5 Pinterest postings with hot dog creations

5/20/17: Brainless Tales, with more news for penises:
#1: baniener = banana + wiener

5/25/17: Dog dogs:
hot dogs in buns shaped like a dog’s head

5/26/17: Let slip the dogs of Japan:
playful creatures made from hot dogs; Japadog dogs

6/3/17: Dad dogs:
hot dogs for Fathers Day

7/6/17: Chast, Haefeli, Kaplan:
Chast: more hot dogs

7/23/17: A hot dog foodmanteau:

8/1/17: Slangy Spanish hot dogs:
spud dogs

8/17/17: Skinless wieners:

8/19/17: lucanicophilia, peniphilia, and all that:
love of sausages

11/22/17: Mens Room Sausage:

4/12/18: Green wieners:
jalapeño popper dogs

5/14/18: Psychiatrist Meme Day:
Oscar Mayer wieners

6/15/18: Background foods and food discoveries:
Coney Island hot dogs

6/17/18: Why? Why?:
pigs in a blanket; weave of hot dogs and French bread

3/30/19: News for carnivorous penises:
Hotdogger gadget for drilling hotdog buns to take hotdogs and sausages

5/1/19: Here we come a-frankerin’:
hot dogs, and sausages in general, as phallic symbols

10/9/19: Der Migros-Sprecher Gabriel Zwicky:
#1 Swiss sausages

3/25/20: Three men:
#7 Polish kielbasa sausages

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