*on facial scruff as a sexual symbol

most of the great many postings, on AZBlog and AZBlogX, with scruffy guys depicted in them are not listed here — only the few of special interest

the line between FACIAL-SCRUFF and BEARD is not clear (but then these are sociocultural categories, so we expect the boundaries to be unclear)


11/4/10: o m g:
David Vance photo of two scruffily masculine men kissing

4/2/13: scruffalicious:

4/3/13: scruffilicious:

4/7/13: Scruff cum:
on men with scruffy or bearded faces with cum on their faces — an exercise in sexual practices

4/25/13: On the facial hair watch:
On the porn flick After Hours:
Lots of facial hair …, ranging from the scruffalicious to the clearly (but neatly) bearded.

5/7/13: The protean Colby Keller:
and ☛ 5/9/13: Pin-up boys:

Pin-up boys

gay comic book artist J. Bone, with heavily scruffy character Josh

6/11/13: -licious sex:
on twinks and scruff:
Light body hair doesn’t disqualify a young man from twinkhood, but there are limits. Serious facial scruff moves you towards Priapus territory, but a small beard, for instance a goatee, is fine (indeed, the cocksucking twink on the front cover of the Twinkalicious DVD … has a modest goatee).

6/13/13: Scruf: Dario Beck and Rogan Richards:
TitanMen gay porn flick Scruf, featuring men with facial scruff

7/10/13: Cartoon stubble:

9/2/15: Flaunting it:
underwear models projecting a male-hustler persona … They are scruffily hypermasculine, projecting not fitness and athleticism, but intense, even urgent, sexuality

1/7/18: Epiphany morning with Joey Tribbiani:
#6 Matt LeBlanc as a silver scruff fox

12/14/18: Appearances:
#2 Haefeli cartoon with gay male couple with matching facial scruff

4/14/21: Hot Jock Crop Top
rough and dirty scruffiness in a display of carnal masculinity

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