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Shark-themed postings on AZBlog. The bulk of this file was prepared by Kim Darnell..

2/26/09: Over the top: Over the top

Figurative language is a tricky thing. It can be tremendously evocative, or it can call attention to itself too insistently. Includes a reference to jumping the shark.

5/13/11: Riffing and ripping on poetry: Riffing and ripping on poetry

Zippy is back on to Allen Ginsberg’s Howl, and is joined by a shark-headed surfer dude.

2/12/12: Proud to be an American: Proud to be an American

Name an American movie that you consider to be a great movie that, in addition, makes you proud to be an American (or would make you proud to be one, if you were an American). Includes a reference to the Sharks and Jets in West Side Story.

2/27/12: Ben Cohen: Ben Cohen

On the former rugby player and now sometime model, Ben Cohen, who retired from playing for the Sale Sharks (in Greater Manchester) in May 2007.

7/17/12: More dubious portmanteaus: More dubious portmanteaus

The world of portmanteaus is crowded with playful formations that are unlikely to survive for long, including many that are just for ostentatious display (Piranhaconda and Sharktopus). Then there are those that are awkward and unlikely to succeed: (e.g., womance and mediot).

10/8/12: Complex reversal: confuse: Complex reversal: confuse

Some syntactic confusion results from the use of confuse in “The sand tiger shark lives near the shore. Sometimes they [sand tiger sharks] confuse surfers for seals and attack them.”

1/9/13: Today’s useless portmanteau: Today’s useless portmanteau

Another dubious portmanteau, this time from Scenes From a Multiverse: Lawsages. Includes a reference to Sharktopus.

8/9/13: bat-, -mobile, and -man: bat-, -mobile, and -man

It started with the Batmobile, Batman’s astounding car (which first appeared in 1966). Batmobile looks like a portmanteau of Batman and automobile, but both parts are more complex than that. Includes a reference to bat-shark repellent bat-spray.

8/8/13: Odds and ends 8/18/13: Odds and ends 8/18/13

Section #1 on monster portmanteaus, especially from Roger Corman for the SyFy channel (note: not the Discovery Channel): Dinocroc, Supergator, Piranhaconda, Sharktopus, Pteracuda; plus some produced by imitators, Sharknado for instance.

9/6/13: Portmanteau fashion: Portmanteau fashion

On the question of whether there is a current fashion for portmanteaus in pop culture, as evidenced by cronut, Sharknado, and more.

7/5/14: Bunnies run amok: Bunnies run amok

On the natural horror” genre of movies, with a very long list of shark movies, including the Shark Attack films (featuring genetically enhanced great white sharks).

1/24/15: Shark!: Shark!

A Calvin and Hobbes with a snow shark, Jaws, the land shark on SNL, the tv show Street Sharks, the movies Sand Sharks and Snow Shark.

3/19/15: Back to edible penises: Back to edible penises

A new item in the inventory of edible penises — gummi candies — but now with the penises viewed as insulting rather than (as in earlier postings on the subject) entertaining. Includes a passing reference to gummi sharks.

4/10/15: Today’s POP: Today’s POP

A New Yorker cartoon with the phrasal overlap portmanteau student loan shark.

7/4/15: Shark statues:Shark statues

Zippy inspects a shark statue, inspiring some discussion of other shark sculptures, statuary, and figurines.

7/13/15: independence: findependence

More about sharks, including details on Shark Week 2015, Jaws 2, the movie Megalodon, and the Shark Wars books.

7/14/15: Jeri Ryan and Luke Perry and more: Jeri Ryan and Luke Perry and more

Regarding the actors Jeri Ryan and Luke Perry, including Ryan in the legal drama Shark (2006-08).

7/26/15: Shirtless shark-fighting teens: Shirtless shark-fighting teens

What unites SoCal teens, shirtless dancers, and fighters of flying sharks? Ian Ziering, that’s what. Includes description of the Sharknado movies.

8/24/15: All things shark: All things shark

From the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week to the idiom jumping the shark, it’s all things featuring the work “shark” that have shown up in AMZ’s blog through August 2015.

2/9/17: toonmanteaus: toonmanteaus

A One Big Happy and a Zippy featuring portmanteaus. The Zippy in particular features his shark-headed surfer friend — a visual blend? — and a reference to Sharknado.

4/17/18: Lars Kenseth:Lars Kenseth

From the New Yorker, a Lars Kenseth cartoon on the POP (phrasal overlap portmanteau) museum loan shark.

8/16/18: Central Shark: Central Shark

The SyFy channel’s Sharknado Week hinges on campy movies with plots that tend to be both intricate and implausible (see, for example, RobosharkDam Sharks, Swamp Shark, and Trailer Park Shark).

8/16/18: Rainbow. Sharks. Rainbow sharks.: Rainbow. Sharks. Rainbow sharks.

Regarding the Italian clothing company Paul & Shark, with its sharky logo — and its line of rainbow shark t-shirts. And to a slew of artworks depicting rainbow sharks. And to a popular aquarium fish, the rainbow shark.


End of Kim Darnell’s original file. Later additions follow below.

9/2/18: Uneasily cute: Uneasily cute
Pinkfong’s “Baby Shark” music video for kids

12/22/18: Santa Jaws: Santa Jaws
the movie Santa Jaws

2/5/19: Aquatic carpentry: Aquatic carpentry
hammerhead sharks

6/5/19: Pride month in Antarctica: Pride month in Antarctica
SHARKS cartoon by Christian Talbot

9/6/19: The news from Nadoland: The news from Nadoland
the series of tv films Sharknado

2/11/21: The allusive shark shack: The allusive shark shack
sharks as ad elements and decor elements for the chain Joe’s Crab Shack; the Shark Bite cocktail there

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