Uneasily cute

Today’s Zippy, on cute vs. horrifying, two territories sometimes separated by a chasm, more often by an uneasy borderland:


The central figure is either a cartoon character or a roadside fiberglass figure, but either way I haven’t found the original. Suggestions welcomed.

Elsewhere in Zippyland, there’s a domain of fun and dreams fulfilled, coexisting uneasily with, next to, a land of terror and nightmare — in amusement parks.

Outside of the darkly cute areas of Zippyland, there’s a huge sweetly cute world, centered on Japan and South Korea, but with a soft pink haze of Hello Kitty, Pinkfong (Baby Shark!), and more blanketing much of the world.

Earlier on this blog, in my 5/27/17 posting “Dreams and nightmares”:

(#2) Entrance to Luna Park in Sydney, NSW

Amusement parks are framed as places where dreams can be fulfilled (I can fly! I can go to the moon!), but with their crowds, their noise, their bright lights, their looming structures (into the gaping mouth of the grinning monster!), their frenetic activity, they’re also nightmarish, and (as Zippy notes) they’re places where fun is totally commercialized, soullessly industrialized as a commodity.

Meanwhile, the world of pink cuteness lacks all such dark shadows. You could join millions of little kids dancing to Pinkfong’s Baby Shark. From the BBC site on 8/31: “Baby Shark takes a bite out of the UK Top 40 charts” by Michael Baggs:

(#3) You can watch the video here

It’s not on the Radio 1 or 1Xtra playlists, but if you asked someone under 10 they’d probably say Baby Shark should be.

And this week, the children’s song joins the likes of Ariana Grande, Drake and Calvin Harris in the UK Top 40.

It’s actually been around since 2007, but a 2016 cover of the song went viral in August this year.

A video of the song, by YouTube channel Pinkfong [from South Korea], has been watched more than 1.6 billion times.

(Hat tip to Kim Darnell.)

The pattern for each verse is set by the first:

Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo.
Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo.
Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo.
Baby shark!

The beginnings for the 9 verses:

baby shark – mommy shark – daddy shark- grandma shark – grandpa shark – let’s go hunt – run away – safe at last – it’s the end

(with gestures, of course)

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