Today’s useless portmanteau

Every so often I post on dubious, regrettable, and even pointless portmanteaus; as I said in “More dubious portmanteaus” (here),

The world of portmanteaus is crowded with playful formations that are unlikely to survive for long (Higgsteria), including many that are just for ostentatious display (Piranhaconda and Sharktopus). Then there are those that appear to be meant to be useful, but are awkward and unlikely to succeed: for instance the dubious portmanteaus Innovatrium, womance (and femily), and twunk. Two more have recently been logged on ADS-L: mediot(s) and preglimony.

(And since then, Ab-vengers.) Now, in today’s Scenes From a Multiverse: (archive copy here):

Lawsages: useless in any context.


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  1. Robert Says:

    Especially useless given that in some dialects they’re indistinguishable from the computer-geek-jargon “lossages”.

    What’s “twunk”? A drunk twink?

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