Address terms

on address terms (almost entirely in English)

“Hey, whatsyourname!”, on vocatives in English (Chicago Linguistic Society, 1974).

11/17/10: Data points: address terms 11/17/10:
pal, sport

4/12/13: Brief notice: boss 4/12/13:
boss in service encounters

4/12/13: Ducati and Ares:
boy in a gay sex scene

4/13/13: boss:
evidence on uses of boss

8/14/14: Tumble Inn, Stan:
address term Stan

11/10/14: Monday quartet:
#1 Zits on vernacular address terms dude, bro, man

7/23/15: The unflappable waitress:
hon, honey

11/13/15: Address terms in service encounters:

11/14/15: Prefix + FN:
Mr./Miss + FN

1/28/16: Lower bangs higher:
effendi, dear sir

4/28/16: Bad bro days
uses of address term bro

7/21/16: guv:
guv, guv’nor

8/16/16: Morning name: The Right Honourable The Lord Rees-Mogg:
addressing the titled

8/21/16: “What you done, sunshine, is criminal damage:

4/3/17: Sparky, Jasper, Bunky:
three address terms

4/7/17: Plus ça change:
Ronald Reagan’s Mommy to Nancy R.; and similar address uses

5/27/17: Memorial Saturday 4:
#2 Zits cartoon

7/19/17: On offer at Daily Jocks:
bro as address term, esp. in ‘sup, bro?

7/25/17: From Tex-Mex to naked rugby:
Sp. Pancho and others as address terms

8/27/17: Terms of endearment:
vocative endearments

10/24/17: Mistered and ma’amed:
Zits cartoon on vocatives mister and ma’am

5/14/18: Fenwick the semi-generic:
generic personal names (Joe); narrative semi-generic names (place-holding proper names in narratives) — especially as used in address

5/28/18: Fenwich, come here, I need you:
address (and other) uses of Fenwich in Zippy; adaptation of expressions as generics; address term pop / Pop

6/4/18: Bromuniqués:
uses of bro (in several senses)

7/3/18: Foswelch in Formstone:
Fenwick, Fenwich, Foswelch

9/27/18: Briefly noted 9/27/18: a remarkable name:
Dr. Zwicky M. Zwicky

2/10/19: French 2sg pronouns:
choice of T vs. V, choice of address terms

11/17/19: Shoe-high pie:
dude and bro

12/8/19: A syncretic religious holiday:
choice of T vs. V

4/20/20: The therapist is in French:
symmetric and asymmetric address

9/4/20: Last-naming professors:
Ben Yagoda column on address terms in academe

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