Dangler postings

Postings on dangling modifiers on Language Log and AZBlog
(thanks to Jim Donaldson at the University of Edinburgh for filling in gaps in my files)

GP, 12/14/03: Dangling etiquette:

AZ, 7/7/04: Don’t dangle your participles in public:

GP, 3/1/05: Without Washington’s support… who?:

GP, 3/10/05: Stunningly inept modifier manners:

GP, 5/12/05: The Fellowship of the Predicative Adjunct:

AZ, 5/16/05: The Dangling Participles:

GP, 7/4/05: Dangling modifier in the Declaration of Independence:

GP, 1/24/06: Unlike dangling:

GP, 2/12/06: Hanging up a participle without getting a subject:

ML, 4/26/06: Who is the decider?:

GP, 6/14/06: Danglers: discourtesy, not ambiguity:

AZ, 3/24/07: Dangling in court:

ML, 3/25/07: Dangling in Paris:

AZ, 5/21/08: Why are some summatives labeled “vague”?:

Why are some summatives labeled “vague”?

ML, 6/2/08: Advice from numbers:

Advice from numbers

[see comment by ML]

AZ, 6/14/08: by-topicalization:


2/26/09: A spiritual accessory:

A spritual accessory

ML, 2/26/09: Teaching zombie rules:

Teaching Zombie Rules

ML, 4/7/09: Dangling as promised?:

Dangling as promised?

GP, 4/15/09: Who’s been to Australia?:

Who’s been in Australia?

ML, 8/14/09: Compared:


GP, 10/8/09: A dangler in The Economist:

A dangler in The Economist

10/8/09: Dangling postings:

Dangling postings

GP, 12/17/09: A flicker of syntactic disquiet:

A flicker of syntactic disquiet

GP, 3/20/10: Firemen, dental practice, and danglers:

Firemen, dental practice, and danglers

GP, 8/16/10: Free that jar, save those officials… unh?:

Free that jar, save those officials… unh?

GP, 11/20/10: Does it really matter if it dangles?:

Does it really matter if it dangles?

3/2/11: Dangling advice:

Dangling advice

3/5/11: Two danglers: The Danglerology Project:

Two danglers

3/23/11: Annals of danglerology:

Annals of danglerology

6/1/11: Subject finding:

Subject finding

6/30/11: Stray books:

The Danglerology Project

7/24/11: Disregarding context:

Disregarding context

10/1/11: The context of danglers:

The context of danglers

ML, 4/15/12: Skipping the rat:

Skipping the rat

6/2/12: as a SPAR:

as a SPAR

7/10/12: Dangler in the comics:

Dangling in the comics


9/9/12: Dangler rage:

Dangler rage

10/15/12: Annals of cataphora:

Annals of cataphora

10/20/12: Possessive controller for SPAR:

Possessive controller for SPAR

ML, 12/18/12: The New Yorker finds the U.S. Constitution ungrammatical:

The New Yorker finds the U.S. Constitution ungrammatical

1/6/13: A split-antecedent dangler:

A split-antecedent dangler

2/10/13: Subjectless predicative adjuncts:

Subjectless predicative adjuncts

3/13/13: Another split-antecedent dangler:

Another split antecedent dangler

ML, 3/31/13: Ask Language Log: SAT “Identifying Sentence Errors” questions:

Ask Language Log: SAT “Identifying Sentence Errors” questions

9/25/13: The apostrophe and a non-dangler:

The apostrophe and a non-dangler

1/22/14: On the dangler watch:

On the dangler watch

GP, 3/21/14: The grammar of “Abide with me”:

The grammar of “Abide with me”

4/15/14: Ambiguity for leeches:

Ambiguity for leeches

4/21/14: Why is this so hard to process?:

Why is this so hard to process?

6/11/14: Book Notice: Visual Language of Comics:

Book notice: Visual Language of Comics

1/10/15: Subjectless purpose adjunct:

Subjectless purpose adjunct

1/18/15: Dangler time:

Dangler time

2/7/15: A dangler in Belfast:

A dangler in Belfast?

3/18/15: The speaker is (almost) always topical:

The speaker is (almost) always topical

3/25/15: Another acceptable dangler:

Another acceptable dangler

5/16/15: Today’s dangler:

Today’s dangler

5/27/15: Double anaphoric difficulties:

Double anaphoric difficulties

6/4/15: The hunted 95 per cent?:

The hunted 95 per cent?

discourse topicality; acceptable dangler in NYT

6/13/15: Ant-Man:


7/4/15: Shirtless body types:

Shirtless body types

ML, 10/19/16: He’s still waiting:

He’s still waiting

3/4/17: The power of the Subject Rule:

The power of the Subject Rule

sentence-final SPARs

ML, 3/11/17: Decoding political attitudes:

Decoding political attitudes

11/23/17: Skip to the important bit:

Skip to the important bit

reportive vs. expressive main clauses; parentheticals

12/20/17: after-SPARs:


after + TimeSpan expressions with predicatives

3/15/18: giving a speech on drugs:

giving a speech on drugs

non-dangling modifier

11/13/18: Return to Dangle City:

Return to Dangle City

2/2/19: Resources: dangler examples:

Resources: dangler examples

link to the Page on dangler examples

2/6/20: As a Business Professional, …:

As a Business Professional, …

an example of a failed X-SPAR

5/4/20: Our reclusive pangolinists:

Our reclusive pangolinists

12/29/20: A fresh approach to English dangling modifiers:

A fresh approach to English dangling modifiers

Donaldson 2020 Ph.D. dissertation at Edinburgh: abstract and lay summary

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