Family Circus cartoons

ML, 4/8/06: Quasi-modal be in Family Circus:

HH, 5/11/07: Family Circus filology:

AZ, 6/28/08: Parts of speech:

3/6/12: And on bears …:

And on bears…

take-off on FC

6/24/12: Family Circus:

Family Circus

on the cartoon, with 5 examples

2/2/14: Family Circuses:
parodies of FC: Nietzsche Family Circus, Dysfunctional Family Circus

4/15/14: More Family Circus parodies:
more FC parody: Time is a Flat Circus

2/5/15: Anti-vaxxer Family Circus:
another parody, from Princess Sparkle Pony’s Photo Blog

8/15/18: At the eggcorn’s edge:

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