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Monday: attention, language stereotypes

June 20, 2016

Among today’s cartoons: a Calvin and Hobbes on the paradoxes of attention, and a One Big Happy on Italians behaving stereotypically, and stereotypes of the Italian language:




Facework in gay porn

April 16, 2015

On AZBlogX, a piece on “Titan faces”, about facial expressions in gay porn, focusing on two new releases from TitanMen, Friends with Benefits and Men at Work, and on the pornstars featured on the front covers of the DVDs: Hunter Marx, George Ce, Eric Nero, and Nick Prescott. (Note: all this material is wildly X-rated, showing (in fact, celebrating) full frontal nudity and raw man-man sex.

Then we notice that the covers of the DVDs (cropped here) show the actors smiling broadly:


Friends with Benefits (Marx, Ce)


Hard at Work (Nero, Prescott)

But as is customary in this genre, there are virtually no smiles in the films, and of course the men shown having sex with one another are unsmiling; instead, they are either intensely and seriously focused (“men at work”) in their sex acts or ecstatically abandoned to them.


November 5, 2012

It’s in the eyes. And the mouth. Two companionable buddies, apparently caught in conversation:

But what’s going on?