Ten language cartoons

On the Comic Kingdom site on the 21st, “Tuesday’s Top Ten Comics on Language” (where language is understood broadly), with comments from the site.

1. Shoe, 2/8/17: Cosmo reviews foreign films. He seems unclear on what “foreign” implies about a movie!

2. Rhymes With Orange, 12/23/16: Sometimes, it’s best not to be able to understand what others are saying. This is twice as true when it comes to cats!

Animal communication (between animals and humans).

3. Mutts, 11/19/18: Earl’s tail speaks a language all its own. Too bad he just missed Valentine’s Day!

Animal communication (between animals).

4. Hagar The Horrible, 11/7/6: Even in a battle crew, a mastery of language is sometimes exactly what Hagar needs.

The virtues of multilingualism.

5. Tina’s Groove, 10/27/16: In a world where her mother’s warnings were always right, Tina would have had to find new ways of communicating with her customers.

6. Take It From The Tinkersons, 10/22/16: Tillman and Tweetie have different interpretations of their mother’s language. I’m going to guess Tweetie is right!

Pragmatics: conversational implicature.

7. Shoe, 12/31/16: Shoe isn’t impressed by this educated bar patron. He’s bilingual too!

Well, register.

8. Zits, 9/20/16: Connie tries to use more universal language to communicate with Jeremy. He’s having none of it!


9. Retail, 9/16/16: Marisa has a problem understanding a customer. She never bothered to learn his language

Well, his lexicon.

10. Curtis, 8/30/16: Curtis expresses his satisfaction with his new backpack. Or at least, that’s Diane’s best guess!


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