*postings on MSM (and DL)

AZ, 7/23/04: On the DL:
down low

AZ, 12/31/04: Implicature in the service of a moral panic:
background discussion of MSM ‘man who has sex with men’

10/3/10: Superbowl Sunday (Part I): San Jose, 1996:
“Football fan” section: encounter with an MSM at the gay baths

1/15/11: What’s the word for this?
What do you call a man who identifies himself as straight but nevertheless has sex with other men? case 1: MSM; case 2: trade; case 3: G4P.

12/29/14: Santa jack:
jacking off, jacking men off, jacking off with other men; jack-off clubs:
The view here of these clubs as primarily for a celebration of masculinity, a kind of male bonding, echoes accounts by MSMs … of what they get out of their sort of down-low sex

2/3/19: Another family food holiday, and alternatives to it:
“Football fan” section of the 1996 memoir (see 10/3/10 posting)

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