verbing postings (zero conversion only, not –ize, -ify, etc.) in AZBlog

note: this is not a list of all the verbings in my files, but rather a list of postings


5/11/10: sandwich:

7/17/10: The Zits bath:
spit-bath ‘give a spit-bath’

7/22/10: Zippy goes zip-lining:
zip-line (verbing or back-formation?)

8/1/10: Data points: verbing 8/1/10:

8/18/10: Data points: verbing 8/18/10:
quote ‘originate (a notable quote/quotation)’

9/12/10: Data points: verbing, back formation 9/12/10:
catwalk ‘perform on or as on a catwalk at a fashion show; put someone or something on a catwalk, display someone or something on a catwalk’

10/21/10: Astonishing verbings:
euthanasia, intercourse

12/24/10: Advances in verbing:

2/23/11: I was doored:

2/23/11: scootering:

3/9/11: Scornful X-isms, X-manteaus, and X derivatives:
sheen (from Charlie Sheen)

4/3/11: Verbing, mistake, or what?:
barber (on about); possibly a mistake

4/27/11: timesuck, the verb:
timesuck (not yet attested); mention of mommy-track, timestamp

5/5/11: Comic reporting:

6/28/11: batting:
bat ‘hunt for bats’

7/3/11: Verbing: dildo:
dildo, fist

8/26/11: bottoming:
bottom (in several senses)

8/27/11: Uncle Tomming:
Uncle Tom

10/19/11: Annals of verbing:

3/24/12: to oxter:

4/13/12: rebuttal, the verb:

4/15/12: The news for pet rodents:

4/17/12: excessed:

4/20/12: Odds and ends:

5/8/12: umbrella-reflect:

5/9/12: times, the verb:

5/30/12: Lexical gap filled:

7/6/12: Annals of commercial verbing:

8/2/12: The great wave of verbing rolls on:
Haefeli cartoon: social-network

8/30/12: to long grass:
long grass; inventory of AZBlog postings on verbing

ML, 9/2/12: In this day of slack style…:

In this day of slack style…


2/10/13: The inevitable verbing:
drone ‘attack with a drone, kill by a drone’

3/12/13: Tea Party verbing:

3/24/13: Cyanide and Happiness roundup:
peer pressure

4/22/13: More on modern communication:

5/5/13: Clubbing:
club ‘go to (dance) clubs’

5/21/13: Verbing garbage:

7/1/13: Screwball comedy:

11/4/14: Verbing the bumpkin:
various verbings of bumpkin

12/31/14: Verbing the Second Amendment:

3/7/16: Jeremy, adulting:
adult ‘act like an adult’

3/23/16: Annals of verbing: to long-press:

4/12/16: Verbing compounds: to turkey-peek, to prairie-dog:

4/19/16: plate my meal:
verbing of plate (food)

4/26/16: icing:
verbing of noun ice

5/7/16: binge-bingeing:
possibly direct verbing of the noun binge-binge

6/24/16: Word times: two Ruthies, three Psychs:
nutshell ‘to put into a nutshell, to summarize succinctly’

10/31/16: Annals of verbing (and poetic meter):
verbing of spunk ‘semen’

11/27/16: Face work:
verbs to facial, to spunk

1/2/17: Queens & Cowboys:
the verb to rodeo

1/29/17: bro-verbs:
verbings of the noun bro: to bro down, to bro it up, to de-bro

2/26/17: More piggery:
verbings of the noun pig

5/3/17: A musical decline:
verb diminuendo

5/10/17: Regional potato chips:
the causative / inchoative verb stale ‘make or become stale’

6/17/17: For Eve V. Clark:
the innovative verbing sleigh ‘put into a sleigh, harness to a sleigh’; Clark & Clark 1979 on verbing

7/3/17: Getting the comic:
the verbing tip ‘give practical advice to’

10/13/17: Wrinkle cream:
verbings denoting provision and verbings denoting removal

11/13/17: Environmentally responsible derivation:
verb source ‘obtain from a particular source’

12/5/17: Ruthie verbs:
putative noun cahoot, verbed to cahoot with ‘be in cahoots with’

12/23/17: they kitchen-kissed again:
possibly a verbing of the (well-attested) N + N compound kitchen-kiss ‘a kiss in the kitchen’

3/27/18: V-headed compounds:

6/16/18: DJ is chaired at Stanford:
an assortment of verbings of the noun chair

7/13/18: Swiss steak:
nonce verbings of the Adj/N Swiss: ‘to become Swiss, to make (s.o. or Swiss, to act Swiss, to supply with Swiss things or people, to treat (s.o.) like a Swiss person’ etc.; and also ‘to add Swiss cheese to’ and the like
also: N calender and its verbing
productive pattern of verbing onomatopoetic expressions denoting noises — giving tut-tut, shush, eek, etc. both as representations of noises and as verbs denoting the making of such a noise

7/23/18: Death by verbing:
SMBC cartoon with verbings of quoted expressions

10/13/18: Chic peas and more:
verbing of N smoke

10/17/18: PUMP!ing it up:
verbings of N pump

11/7/18: Arousing the beast:
verbing of N moon

12/15/18: Yoo-hoo, Aargau!:
verbing of the exclamation yoo-hoo

12/27/18: bait and tackle:
N to V to N in the history of tackle (and verbing of bait)

4/30/19: Where are you going with that?:
verbing of the tool names ax and sledgehammer

5/25/19: Brenda the Civil Disobedience Penguin:
verbing of egg, pie, and milkshake

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