Verbing the Second Amendment

On ADS-L, a report from Wilson Gray of a headline

Gun-Nut 2nd-Amendments Wife to Death

(The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is the “right to bear arms” amendment.)

I didn’t find Wilson’s source, but I did find something similar (by searching under “gun-nut second-amendments”), in this comment from John Clifford on Facebook about a story “One Policeman Dead, One Injured In Barracks Shooting”, here:

I get the whole laughing when a douchebag gun nut second amendments himself but a person being murdered while trying to do their job to protect us is never funny.

Meanwhile, Ben Zimmer linked on ADS-L to Nancy Friedman’s nominations for the ADS 2014 Words of the Year, with two more cites.

The Words of the Year come in a number of categories. Nancy’s nomination in the “most creative” category is:

Second Amendment. Verbified by columnist Dan Savage and popularized on Twitter. It means, more or less: “This is what your precious right to bear arms gets you, you miserable fools.”

The Savage quote:

Two-Year-Old Second Amendments Himself to Death

And from David Waldman on Twitter:

St. Louis man accidentally Second Amendments himself

Whole lotta Second-Amendmenting goin’ on.

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  1. Jim Unger Says:

    It’s the fault of Anthony Scalia. He seems tot hink that a Nominative Absolute is just a vodka cocktail.

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