Superhero comics

… other than Batman, who has his own Page:


11/14/10: Flash Gordon over the years:

8/8/12: The caped psychopath gets flown to Ashtabula:
Zippy with the superhero Z-Man

10/30/12: A the sign of the Z:

12/1/12: Ab-vengers:

8/6/13: Seven Supermen and Brad Pitt:

10/3/13: Alan Ritchison (and Justin Hartley):
Superman, Green Arrow, Aquaman

10/18/13: Jimmy Olsen:
Jimmy Olsen in Superman

5/11/14: Three on Mothers Day:
#1: Superman and Catwoman

10/2/14: Action Item, Professional Superhero:
Adventures of Action Item, by Neil McAllister

9/30/15: Philip Bonneau:
superhero comics in Bonneau photos

10/17/15: Comic superheroes of the Wild West:
Western comix

12/13/15: The secret life of superheroes:
3 Kerry Callen cartoons

1/4/16: Urinating superheroes:
superhero comics

1/18/16: Superheroes: two book series and a movie:
comics-like superheroes not actually derived from the comics: Ultra Violets, Percy Jackson, Sky High

5/20/16: Old fashioned Super Duck:
Super Duck in various incarnations

10/22/16: SuperCamp penguins:
#1 SuperPenguin

12/30/16: Howard at 57:
Marvel comics: Morgan le Fay, Arthur Pendragon

3/30/17: Billy Zane:
The Phantom

3/31/17: The Phantom of the jungle library:
The Phantom (Zane, Carnes)

6/25/17: Superhero sex on Spanish streets:
#1 and #2: slash images of superhero sex by street artist Ze Carrión

8/8/17: Who was that masked Pinhead?:
Superman, Batman, Zorro; Zippy‘s Z-Man, sometimes like Superman, here like Batman/Zorro

10/27/17: The X-Bulbs, plus Greek Sword:

11/22/17: Superhero supper:
superhero versions of the Last Supper, of the Abbey Road cover, of the photo Lunch atop a Skyscraper

12/27/17: Operator symbols:
the X-Men logo

12/28/17: Bromance for Biffs:
#4 Tyler Hoechlin as Superman

5/11/18: Differentiae:
Bizarro/Wayno Superman cartoon

2/9/19: Displaced icons of art:
Superman cartoon

2/13/19: Mesh Man: Always Open for Business®:
Ragman (in the DC universe)

6/13/19: A superheroic identity crisis:
Bizarro Superman cartoons

9/28/19: Gender notes: the pinup push:
DC comics character Nightwing

10/25/19: B.Z.P.D.:
DC Comics’ Bizarro World and its characters

6/3/20: I see London, I see France, I see Batman’s underpants:
Nick Veasey’s x-ray artwork of Superman

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