Who was that masked Pinhead?

Today’s Zippy takes us to the land of softserve and rootbeer floats, where Z-Man’s tags abound:


Not with a whip, but with a spray can.

Carvel, Dairy Queen, and A&W are all old acquaintances on this blog. And the caped superhero Pinhead Z-Man, last seen here in a 8/8/12 posting “The caped psychopath gets flown to Ashtabula”, returns in a new guise.

In that earlier posting, I wrote that

as a Z-person, I admire Z-Man’s name (Superman/Batman crossed with Zorro)

Black-caped Zorro marks his territory with a whiplashed Z; black-caped Z-Man marks it with a spray-painted black Z.

Last time, Z-Man was clearly a Pinhead version of Superman:


Just like Superman: red shirt and cape, emblem on chest, no mask.

Today’s Z-Man is something of a cross beween Batman and Zorro. Black cape and mask, like both of them. Like Zorro, no emblem (Batman displays a batlogo, different ones for different incarnations of Batman.) Unlike both of them, black-caped Z-Man has a Pinhead polka-dot shirt and nothing on his head but his Pinhead signature topknot. (Batman has a black or gray shirt; Zorro has a black shirt. Batman has a bat-eared hood on his head, Zorro has a black hat.) Compare to #1:


The Ben Affleck Batman


Poster for the 1944 live-action tv serial Zorro’s Black Whip

Meanwhile, in black-caped Z-Man’s world, you can apparently always get some kind of frozen dairy product — not a sure thing in Metropolis, Gotham City, or Old Mexico.

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