Philip Bonneau

Posted on Google+ by Tim Evanson yesterday, this image of a half-naked male superhero, Captain Marvel, that is simultaneously sexy and funny — celebrating the beauty of this broad-shouldered model’s body as he assumes a Captain Marvel persona in a gently mocking way.


From the Flickr account of photographer Philip Bonneau, who’s an ornament of the Atlanta gay community and the creator of a Heroes + Villains series of male photography.

(Bonneau is on Facebook, Flickr, and Tumblr, and he has works on sale on Etsy. His work is self-financed, through sales and Kickstarter campaigns.)

From Bonneau’s statement at the Atlanta opening of Heroes + Villains Issue #3 in 2012:

At this point in the series I had already tackled a good majority of Marvel and DC comics. If this was to be the next step I had to open up the world a bit more. It has comic characters, 80s cartoon characters, Disney and even Star Wars and Star Trek. I pretty much have tapped into my entire childhood and skewed it forever. The main theme of this issue is that everyone is unique and beauty is found in even the strangest of things. As a collection, you can really see the beauty of everyone’s individuality and that no one is ever alone.

A few more images. Aquaman:


(Compare the Smallville Aquaman, on this blog here.)

The Invincible Iron Man:


And Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:


There’s a lot more.

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