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Photo sets

August 17, 2016

Another unearthing — of photo sets (or photosets) from two male photography studios in the 1990s: Colt Studio (American, the work of Jim French / Rip Colt) and Marco Studio (Brazilian). Details on the studios in an AZBlogX posting “Colt and Marco”, along with samples of the photography: four shots of three models from Colt, three shots from Marco, plus a more recent Marco shot of pornstar Rafael Alencar.

All of this is X-rated, all of it is created for the sexual pleasure of a gay male audience, and all of it is carefully, artfully composed photography (in the case of the Colt photos, of high quality). That is, these are artworks and also works serving a non-artistic function — like drawings or paintings meant to excite laughter or to advance social or political criticism, like scientific illustrations, like photograpy (including fashion photography) meant to advertise or market products, like visual art or music mean to praise a deity and excite devotion in followers.

In the case of male art (including male photography), there is a range of work according to intention: artworks with purely aesthetic aims, whose makers choose to take the male body as their subject; artworks depicting male subjects with a homoerotic eye; artworks frankly intended to arouse sexual desire. From an aesthetic point of view, all can be done well, or routinely, or shabbily and awkwardly. Just like, say, hymns.


George Platt Lynes and Jared French

July 25, 2016

(About art and sexuality. Not much language in it.)

Terry Castle, my Stanford colleague (in English literature), has been using Pinterest to compose a kind of history of modern art in pictures, specializing in drawings, paintings, and photographs of lgbt interest. Most recently, two photographs by George Platt Lynes, a photographer of (among other things) male nudes, from the 1930s-50s:

A photograph of a trio of men from Lynes’s artistic (often labeled “magical realist”) and homosexual (the term they used at the time) circle, George Tooker, Paul Cadmus, and Jared French:


And then a photograph of a “dancer in costume with animal skull headpiece” (as it is described by the Metropolitan Museum of Art):



Lili Darvas

May 31, 2016

(on actors, writers, and artists, with not much on language)

… and Billy Mumy and Ferenc Molnár and Edith Barakovich. It starts with some tv I watched yesterday: “Long Distance Call”, episode 58 of the American tv series The Twilight Zone (originally aired on 3/31/61), notably featuring Lili Darvas and Billy Mumy:


The set-up, from Wikipedia:

A boy named Billy communicates with his father’s mother using a toy telephone that she gave him on his birthday before she died. His parents become concerned when Billy spends all his time having “pretend” phone conversations with his deceased grandmother. He says that she tells him she is lonely and misses him.


Male photography: Leo (and Mikele)

May 28, 2016

(Mostly about male art, not much about language. Sexy, but far from incendiary.)

It started with a mailing, weeks ago, from this aggregation site that keeps sending me ads (mostly lame) for gay porn (from an assortment of addresses), with this image, which it touted as a hot item I should pay for:


This is a cool, and funny (and meant to be funny), piece of male photography showing  a relationship between two hot (and very playful) boyfriends (Mikele on the left here, Leo on the right). Way sexy, but meant as art, not — primarily, anyway — as jack-off material.  It’s part of a big portfolio staged mostly by Leo, material that I hope he will get published in book form. Maybe the aggregation site just gratuitously lifted this shot from the net, maybe they paid Leo for it (though I seriously doubt that), but what it is not is just amateur porn, which is what the (apparently Chinese) aggregation site was trying to sell it as.

Here: more of Leo, and some of the lovers together, a selection from Leo’s portfolio, available via his bahamvt Tumblr site, where @leotakespix says:

Just some nerd living in Rome. THIS IS MY ONLY ACCOUNT Exclusive cuddle buddy of @mikeletakespix. Open to partnerships with brands.

The man needs an agent. Seriously.


Pretty in pink: my homo pony

May 14, 2016

Yesterday, I posted, in “Two extravagant mani-corns”, two homoerotic photos of hunky men dressed as unicorns: #1 elaborately posed, #2 an unposed shot taken on the fly at this year’s Coachella Festival. I quickly discovered the photographer for #2, but failed to identify either the photographer or the model in #1. But that’s been remedied, in Facebook by David Preston, in a comment on my posting here by reader R: the photo comes from the studio Exterface (an obvious play on interface), and the model works under the professional name David Morgan. But both my informants noted that the shot in #1, extravagant though it was, was only the tamest in a wild portfolio of photos, three more of which I’ll post here.


Two extravagant mani-corns

May 13, 2016

(Unicorns are of course phallic symbols. But there’s more here.)

The first Facebook query came from Melinda Shore, who hoped I’d be able to identify the heavily muscled model in this campy purply-pink composition on Imgur:


I had no idea, and tracking down any composition on a meme site is almost invariably hopeless, so the best I can do is pass this on to you.

Then came Season Von Hexe, offering up another mystery mani-corn-aganza, this time on a rainbow them:


Also taken from life, but this time unposed, at some sort of public event. In this case a Google Images search served me well.


Escorts, rentboys, male hustlers

May 9, 2016

(Only a bit about language, and given the topic, not for kids or the sexually modest.)

The subject of the 2009 book:

Escort: 40 Profiles with Photographs of Men Who Sell Sex (text by David Leddick and Heriberto Sanchez, photographs by David Vance)


(cover model: Stefan Pinto)

Leddick has a significant career writing about male nudes and male photography, and Vance is a well-known male photographer (though almost always modest in his work, concealing genitals in one way or another, as in the cover photo).


Ganymede on the fly

April 15, 2016

(Sex in the Greek/Roman mythological world, but it’s man-man sex, sometimes described here in pretty plain terms, so it might not be for everyone.)

On AZBlogX, some images from the Ganymede series on Priapus of Milet’s blog, showing (a version of) the youth Ganymede’s encounter with the God Zeus, told as an elaborate story in photographic images. Very accomplished stuff, also wonderfully erotic.


Paul Sixta and Marios and more

February 28, 2016

(About photography/video and the male body, rather than about language.)

It started with a wonderful atmospheric photograph of a gorgeous nude man, sent to me by Mike McKinley, but without a source. The image is #1 in a posting I just did on AZBlogX; although it’s clearly a work of art (by a professional photographer using a professional model), it has a penis in it, so I can’t reproduce it here or on Facebook or Google+.

I gave the image the name “Romantic Haze” (since the model was posed in a blue-purple haze) while I searched for the source. This time Google Images eventually brought me to young Dutch filmmaker and photographer Paul Sixta and his model Marios.


A passion for pickles

February 17, 2016

Note: this posting is about pickles (in the American sense: pickled cucumbers) and uses of the word pickle, especially in proper names; my main theme is that pickles and the word pickle tend to be intrinsically funny, inherently risible. I’ll be citing a whole bunch of uses, but I do not intend this posting to be a complete inventory of uses of the word, so if I don’t mention some example that you know or especially like, please add it in a comment, but don’t do this by accusing me of having failed or neglected to mention your example; that would just be gratuitously insulting.

It started with an entertaining piece by Winnie Hu in the NYT on the 15th: (on-line) “At United Pickle, Preserving the Standards of a Deli Staple”, (in print) “Family-Run Supplier Preserves Standards For a Briny Deli Staple”, beginning:

Not every cucumber has what it takes to be a pickle. As dozens of them tumbled from a steel hopper onto a conveyor belt in a Bronx factory, two workers enforced a strict pickle standard.

Bruised. Broken. Too curvy. Too short. Sorry, no exceptions.

The rejects — about one in 10 — were tossed into plastic bins, destined to become relish.

“You can’t just pickle any produce,” said Stephen Leibowitz, the self-described “chief pickle maven” of this operation, as he reached past the workers to personally pluck out an offending cucumber. “I can put in the best ingredients, and they still won’t turn out right.”

Mr. Leibowitz is the man to see if the pickles at your local deli, diner or burger joint have lost their crunch. Whether kosher dills, sours, half-sours or bread-and-butters, chances are they got their start on the production line at United Pickle, the largest family-owned supplier of pickles and pickled condiments in New York City.

Or as Mr. Leibowitz, 73, ever the pickle pitchman, put it, “If you’re in a pickle, call United Pickle.”

Kosher dill spears in preparation: