Abbreviation postings

abbreviation postings

not here: truncations of complex expressions, passing mentions of specific abbreviations

GP, 5/24/04: KiloGhits and MegaGhits: measuring web frequency:
proposed abbreviations for web searches

PR, 5/24/04: Ghits – and Whits?:
proposed abbreviations for web searches

GP, 5/25/04: Webhits on Google per gigapage: A replacement proposal:
ordinary abbreviations: for physical units; proposed abbreviations for web searches

ML, 4/30/05: Ambiguity:
alphabetic abbreviations: interpreting them in context

ML, 6/25/05: The ships, it shuts everything up:
clippings of initial material (“back-end abbreviations”)

ML, 6/27/05: Bizzerk:
clippings of initial material (“back-end abbreviations”)

BZ, 12/30/05: From Nabisco to NaNoWriMo:
alphabetic abbreviations: blend acronyms

GP, 1/13/06: No tattoed acronym:
alphabetic abbreviations: terminology

GP, 1/19/06: A prescriptivist rant? Get a clue:
alphabetic abbreviations: terminology

GP, 6/28/06: There’s no battle, Morgan!:
not clippings: till, though

ML, 8/21/06: Term for shifting plural s to the end of initialisms and acronyms?:
alphabetic abbreviations: plurals

GP, 8/21/06: No plural shifting term:
alphabetic abbreviations: plurals

AZ, 9/3/06: University name bulletins:
alphabetic abbreviations in university names

AZ, 9/5/06: The the in The Ohio State University:
with note on the abbreviation tOSU

AZ, 9/7/06: Orphan initialisms:

AZ, 9/9/06: Abbreviatory oddities:
alphabetic abbreviations: orphan abbreviations

ML, 10/20/06: Annals of self-censorship: Avoiding the F-letter:
alphabetic abbreviations: taboo avoidance within them

ML, 4/8/07: Hed, dek, lede, graf, tk: Live with it:
assorted newsroom abbreviations

ML, 8/3/07: Wev:
clipping wev ‘whatever’

AZ, 8/25/07: Another year of taboo avoidance:
avoidance of effing

AZ, 9/17/07: (an)arthrous abbreviations:
alphabetic abbreviations: arthrousness, initialisms vs. acronyms

☛ GP, 1/25/08: Lower-cased initialisms:
alphabetic abbreviations: upper/lower case in acronyms

BZ, 9/18/08: Shattering the illusions of texting:

Shattering the illusions of texting

abbreviations (of many types) in, or not in, texting

☛ AZ, 10/30/08: Periods:


alphabetic abbreviations: periods

GP, 11/17/08: The WAGs back home:

The WAGs back home

WAGs ‘wives and girlfriends’

ML, 12/28/08: Filled pauses and faked audio:

Filled pauses and faked audio

[in AMZ comment] upper case in acronyms

GP, 2/5/09: Pakigate, Sootygate, Gollygate:

Pakigate, Sootygate, Gollygate


BZ, 3/20/09: Oh no, it’s ngmoco:):

Oh no, it’s ngmoco:)

alphabetic abbreviations: acronym-initialism hybrid

GP, 5/16/09: Egg blast:

Egg blast

[in comments] various clippings

5/18/19: Hybrid initial-letter abbreviations:

Hybrid initial-letter abbreviations

alphabetic abbreviations: acronym-initialism hybrids

5/19/09: Coerced acronyms:

Coerced acronyms

alphabetic abbreviations: acronyms

BZ, : 6/23/09: The first proposal for “Ms.” (1901):

The first proposal for “Ms.” (1901)

ordinary abbreviations: periods

7/4/09: Periods and type size:

Periods and type size

alphabetic abbreviations: periods

ML, 7/24/09: Write like me?:

Write like me?

[in comments] vs., vs, v., v

GP, 7/31/09: Coming August 7:

Coming August 7

ordinary abbreviations: periods

ML, 8/3/09: Do not leave if you can help:

Do not leave if you can help

codes [in telegraphs]

AZ, 8/4/09: Unidiomatic:


clippings [mollymooly comment on clippings with –s: maths, turps, meths]

8/29/09: Inventory of postings on abbreviation:

Inventory of postings on abbreviation

9/1/09: Acronyms:



9/20/09: More initialism complexities:

More initialism complexities

eye initalisms, regular initialisms, orphan initialisms

2/12/10: Acronym fun:

Acronym fun


10/18/12: For short:

For short

clipping, initialism, acronym

3/24/13: Cyanide and Happiness roundup:

Cyanide and Happiness roundup

LOL treated as acronym

4/16/13: Initialistic ambiguity:

Initialistic ambiguity


5/1/13: Acronym of the week:

Acronym of the week

acronym Visconti

8/24/14: An orphan initialism:

An orphan initialism

YMCA as orphan initialism

10/26/14: On the orphan initialism front:

On the orphan initialism front

PFLAG as orphan initialism

7/2/15: Initialisms, raunchy and not:

Initialisms, raunchy and not

BJ for Beijing, blowjob, names

8/6/15: Coordinate initialisms:

Coordinate initialisms

initialisms of the form x&y

8/23/15: Kraken! And GEICO!:

Kraken! And GEICO!

the acronym GEICO

9/21/15: Amber 2:

Amber 2

the backronym AMBER alert and the (carefully devised) acronym (Navy) SEALs, both all-caps

2/22/16: The pronoun strip:

The pronoun strip

clipping pro for professional or prostitute

5/25/16: Ballad of beef:

Ballad of beef

three-letter country abbreviations (USA, CAN, GBR, AUS)

5/28/16: The snail days of summer:

The snail days of summer

clipping ‘za for pizza

6/12/16: Rainbows and b8r bait:

Rainbows and b8r bait

clippings bate and bator

7/9/16: Two cat cartoons:

Two cat cartoons

#1 with Cat for Caterpillar machine

11/13/16: Lukas is back!:

Lukas is back!

truncation: vegan leather > vegan

12/9/16: NPO:


medical abbreviations

12/23/16: and the horse you rode in on:

and the art horse you rode in on

euphemistic abbreviation

12/23/16: Mac Daddy Santa:

Mac Daddy Santa

mackeral ‘pimp’ > mack, mac

1/1/17: Morning names for the new year:

Morning names for the new year

nickname Ozzy / Ozzie

3/2/17: Annals of p.r. pitches:

Annals of p.r. pitches

initialism SEO

3/27/17: JoBroButts, Hills Bros. coffee, and gaybros:

JoBroButts, Hills Bros. coffee, and gaybros

acronymic “blend” JoBro; Bros. for Brothers

4/17/17: Chub and chums in the morning

Chub and chums in the morning

chubby> > chub

4/25/17: You can call me Al:

You can call me Al

names of the form /mIni Cæl/: acronyms, clippings, nicknames

7/25/17: From Tex-Mex to naked rugby:

From Tex-Mex to naked rugby

abbreviation in Spanish nicknames (and English too)

8/30/17: Reduced questions:

Reduced questions

NP reduced questions

9/1/17: BBC for Labor Day:

BBC for Labor Day

the initialism BBC, in various senses

11/15/17: Wet words:

Wet words

clipping kidney > kid (in tap a kidney)

4/14/18: New frontiers in POPs:

New frontiers in POPs

letter-based onomatopoeia; the initialism O.C.D.

4/23/18: A war of initialism:

A war of initialism

initialisms, orphan initialisms, reinterpreted initialisms

5/1/18: Initialisms off the rails:

Initialisms off the rails

xkcd on unpacking initialisms

5/10/18: slide in(to) (y)our DM’s:

slide in(to) (y)our DM’s

slang initialism DM

5/12/18: For Mothers Day:

For Mothers Day

motherfucker clipped to mother

7/3/18: World UFO Day:

World UFO Day

UFO as an initialism

8/25/18: Fantasy originalism:

Fantasy originalism

pronunciation of the initialism GIF

10/20/18: She called herself Lil’:

She called herself Lil’

Lil as a nickname for Lillian; Li’l and Lil’ as shortenings of little

10/24/18: Three exercises in cartoon understanding:

Three exercises in cartoon understanding

PACER as acronym

11/29/18: A grotesque word:

A grotesque word

clippings gar and Gar

1/20/19: One more January 20th penguin:

One more January 20th penguin

orphan initialism CIBC (Canadian banking company)

2/6/19: The Pearls:

Three Pearls

nads for gonads

2/14/19: Revisiting 26: LGBT etc. etc.:

Revisiting 26: LGBT etc. etc.

initialism for the domain of sexuality, identity, and practices

2/21/19: For gay penguins, science, and Canada!::

For gay penguins, science and Canada!

retard as clipping

5/18/19: Ostentatiously playful allusions:

Ostentatiously playful allusions

OPA as acronym (also as initialism); EEQ as acronym

6/29/19: A bit more reaping:

A bit more reaping

gram as clipping of Instagram

8/31/19: Come lay your carnal weapons by:

Come lay your carnal weapons by

carny as clipping of carnival (+ -y)

9/12/19: BOY Party!:

BOY Party!

BOY as acronym (here, for Beginning of Year); acronyms vs. initialisms (like BYO)

10/25/19: B.Z.P.D.:


police department initialisms

11/3/19: Another BYOB:

Another BYOB

initialisms, clippings, conventional abbreviations

1/8/20: There was a singer had a dog:

There was a singer had a dog

initialistic abbreviation NGO ‘nongovernmental organization’

1/27/20: Predicative / locational:

Predicative / locational

(metonymic) short-form locational expressions

2/9/20: The rose parade:

The rose parade

the verb comp ‘provide for free’ from complimentary

4/17/20: Quick shot: a job title:

Quick shot: a job title

ER, doc, per diem, locum, temp

6/23/20: For Alan Turing:

For Alan Turing

orphan initialism NPL

6/24/20: Annals of ambiguity: I feel like making it rough from Schrödinger:

Annals of ambiguity: I feel like making it rough for Schrödinger

signs and labels

8/5/20: Caterpillars spinning platters:

Caterpillars spinning platters

initialism DJ

1/31/21: Frequently asked questions:

Frequently asked questions

initialism (perhaps sometimes acronym) FAQ

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