postings on snowclonelet composites

snowclonelets have the properties of snowclones, but in a small compass — in word-like units (mostly N + N, but some with more diverse Word + N structures)

I’m inclined to use snowclonelet (composite) to refer to either the pattern or an instance of the pattern


ML, 4/7/04: X nazi:

ML, 2/10/7: Birth of a Sentence:
X nazi

ML, 10/8/07: Shooting down “amateur grammar nazis”:

ML, 6/15/08: Grasshoppers and women on horseback as frogs:

Grasshoppers and women on horseback as frogs

grammar nazi

AZ, 12/11/08: Gay day (and virgins):

Gay day (and virgins)

and ☛ AZ, 12/14/08: More virgins:

More virgins

X virgin

3/29/09: Snowclonelet composites:
the notion of snowclonet composite
X fag, X porn, X queen, X rage, X virgin, X whore; in comments, X hag, X complex, X fairy

7/29/09: Inventory of snowclone postings:
a few snowclonelets

BZ, 1/13/10: The “Team X” meme:

The “Team X” meme

Team X; X Nation

1/22/10: X magnet:

1/22/10: drag:
X drag

1/31/10: X Nazi:

GP, 1/31/10: The Health Nazi:

The Health Nazi

3/2/10: Gimme shelter:
X porn ex. house porn

4/4/10: Zippy’s Gagacabulary:

ML, 5/30/10: Grammar Nazi:

Grammar Nazi

6/12/10: The House of X formula:

7/4/10: Fippy the Finhead:
morphological snowclonelet X-in for an event

12/21/10: X whore:

3/4/11: X fag:

5/29/11: Sluts:
X slut

8/2/11: Portmanteau cleverness plus drama kings:
drama king as development from drama queen

3/6/12: Grammandos and more:
objection to Grammar Nazi

3/6/12: The twinkmeister:

3/6/12: And on bears…:
X magnet ex. bear magnet

4/20/12: Peanuts vs. the grammar nazis:

4/24/12: doing X:
X queen ex. drag queen; parallel ex. drag king

6/5/12: X porn:

6/9/12: The Grammar Police:
X police ex.

7/29/12: Sunday puns:
Bizarro: X magnet ex. chick magnet

8/22/12: X rape:

10/25/12: Three headlines:
X porn ex. real-estate porn

11/29/12: The war on errorism:
X police ex. grammar police

3/24/13: Cyanide and Happiness roundup:
#1: X Nazi ex. grammar Nazi

9/28/13: X job:
sexual X job (excluding plastic-surgery X job and automotive X job)

9/30/13: Up Your Alley:
the snowclonelet X pig, denoting someone who’s seriously into X

6/5/14: Four for the Fourth:
#1: snowclonelet diet Y

10/18/14: X bar:
4 types of X bar, with bar ‘establishment serving alcohol’

2/6/15: Another king of nose job:
nose job in sexual sense

2/13/15: Name that stuff!:
fairy Y ex. fairy floss

3/22/15: Lab mix:
X mix for dog hybrids

5/22/15: Or what?:
X whisperer

9/23/15: Mark Mason, Matt Bauer, and Gay Porn Minus Gay Sex:
X pig ex. tit pig

10/19/15: Rafe on display:
X pig ex. fuck pig

10/31/15: X snob:

12/12/15: Sex between straight men: bro-jobs:
X job

12/19/15: X queen:
including preferences of gay men

12/20/15: Odds and ends 12/20/15:
more on X queen

1/20/16: Five from Barsotti:
#4 shows a dog bar – with some discussion of X bar

2/25/17: Displaying your nipples:
nipple pig, nippig, titpig; other examples of the sexual X pig snowclonelet

2/26/17: More piggery:
food-enthusiast snowclone X pig and the bases for it

3/24/17: The invention of the X job:
rub job, hand job, blow job, rim job, fist job

4/9/17: The trophy boys park the beef bus in tuches town:
trophy X

6/5/17: Fairy gardens:

8/25/17: Unguinal genitaia:
X job at a nail salon

9/19/17: I like pig butts and I cannot lie:
sexual X pig

3/30/18: Deviant Passover rites:
sexual X chaser

4/9/18: The gay world of Yvon Goulet:
X queen, spec. t-room queen

5/8/18: mailman lady:
three X lady snowclonelets

12/8/18: News for bears: cities of bears:
X city snowclonelets

12/22/18: Festoonists:
fairy light as instance of fairy X

1/5/19: The symbolism of the pig:
sexual and food-enthusiast snowclonelets X pig

2/25/19: Grammar pirate:
grammar nazi

9/5/19: Revisiting 33: the ambiguity of the truffle:
X pig, both sexual-enthusiast and food-enthusiast

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