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A bread maker, Alan?

March 20, 2018

A Xmas card from Ann Burlingham, sent from Queensland:

Marital relations among the penguins


The penguins fly to Orlando

March 5, 2018

Just encountered, by accident, this aeronautical bulletin, from The Disney Blog on 6/20/13, “Penguin One joins fleet of SeaWorld themed Southwest Airline Planes”:

For 25 years Shamu One has flown through the sky bringing joy to airplane passengers everywhere knowing their journey to SeaWorld begins at their home airport. It’s a relatively small thing, but it brings a lot of joy.

Today Southwest Airlines and SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment celebrated 25 years of partnership with the unveiling of the airline’s newest specialty aircraft, Penguin One —- a Boeing 737-700 co-branded with images of one of SeaWorld’s iconic animals — penguins.

… This new plane ties into SeaWorld Orlando’s newest attraction. The featured penguin species on the aircraft is a gentoo, one of the species found at SeaWorld Orlando’s Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin. The attraction includes a first-of-its-kind family ride that transports guests into the penguins’ icy world.


News for penguins: yakking it up, chasing bubbles

February 24, 2018

My friends keep me up to date on entertaining penguiniana I might have missed. Two recent contributions: a video about noisy penguins afflicting a researcher; and a whole fresh area of penguiniana: zoos amusing their penguins with bubble machines (which seem to provide much the same pleasures as falling snowflakes).

The penguins are coming, the penguins are coming

February 1, 2018

Into the chasm between Penguin Awareness Day (January 20th) and Groundhog Day (February 2nd) springs this warning cry on Doctor Anna’s Imaginarium page on Facebook:

Wake up sheeple! The penguins are coming!


News for penguins, penises, and Totoro

December 31, 2017

… on New Year’s Penultimateve (term from Stephanie Shih), yesterday: 2 penguin bulletins, 3 penis items (including two seasonal gay porn ads viewable in full on AZBlogX), and Totoro Linzer cookies for the holidays.


Xmas news for penguins

December 25, 2017

The Advent news flash for penguins — the fossil giant penguin Kumimanu biceae — and then today, a small Vera Bradley playful-penguin case (with pill dispenser) and a Munsingwear Penguin t-shirt (with flowered pocket), Christmas gifts to me (just one Playful Penguin Gray case from Vera Bradley products and just one item from a ton of stuff in the Munsingwear Penguin line).


Two memic moments

November 30, 2017

In today’s cartoon feed, a penguin Zits and a maze-rat Rhymes With Orange:

(#1) There’s cold, and then there’s penguin cold

(#2) Rats in a Japanese bento maze


Pengaddendum: Xmas 2014

November 21, 2017

Three news bulletins for penguins on the 19th, and now, as we sink into the commercial Christmas season (which in the US began the day after Halloween but is conventionally inaugurated by Black Friday, the day after US Thanksgiving, this Friday), a combination of penguin news and holiday news: the 2014 John Lewis Christmas commercial, featuring a young boy, Sam, and his pet penguin, Monty:

(#1) You can watch the advert here


Three news bulletins for penguins

November 19, 2017

Two of them having to do with food, the third with Love, Faithful Love.


Household gifts

October 21, 2017

Assembled in a group photo, three pleasingly thoughtful household gifts:

(#1) A penguin tea towel and a purple plant mister flanked by two hand-blown flared glasses

The tea towel with penguin slogan (the penguin is one of my totem animals) brought back from the New England Aquarium (in Boston) for me by Elizabeth Daingerfield Zwicky. The purple plant mister given to me by Kim Darnell (who found them on-line) to mist my mini-phal (which likes high humidity, but not wet roots). The flared glasses blown by Amanda Walker, who made them for me so I could grasp them firmly with my damaged right hand..

A little festival of household furnishings and English N + N compounds as well: tea towel, distantly related to tea (referring to the hot drink made from the leaves of the tea plant); the synthetic AGT compound plant mister; the synthetic PSP compound hand-blown; and the compound punty mark, the (totally opaque) name Amanda gave to the glassy scars at the bottom of the glasses.

And, oh yes, the idiom in the tea towel slogan. Let’s start with that.