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Penguins and packages

December 17, 2018

Two Xmas cards from Amanda Walker, from 2016 (Advent penguins) and 2017 (Santa grabbing his package). (Warning about the second: there will be images of crotch-grabbing and crude plays on the noun package.)


Attack of the mammoth penguins

September 5, 2018

Every year we rise up and stream through the streets in exultation, mammoth penguins swearing in tongues. Tomorrow is the 78th Waddling of the Totems. And crying: Not dead yet!

Some documents of the day. Some reflections on the 78 cohort. And on living longer than the generation before you.


“The hell is that guy doing?”: predator-truncated QuEx

August 23, 2018

The word from predators, in this Jake Likes Onions cartoon (by Jake Thompson):

(#1) Title: “Maybe he’s running from the truth”

Predator 2 omits the what of what the hell (in a Wh, or constituent, question What is that guy doing? with the question word what emphatically extended by the expletive the hell).

About the syntax, and then about the strip and the artist…


News flash for penguins: up in the sky!

August 21, 2018

On the Snopes site, an 8/20/18 updating of a 2/1/01 original posting, debunking an entertaining tale of penguin behavior:

King Penguins looking up (photo from the U.K. Daily Mail)

Do Penguins Fall Over Watching Airplanes? Falkland Island penguins are not so fascinated by airplanes they fall over onto their backs from watching them.

Details on the site. I could offer you cartoons of penguins falling over backwards, but I can’t offer you pictures of actual penguins falling backwards while transfixed by passing airplanes, because there aren’t any. Penguins might waddle engagingly, but they’re not incompetent nitwits.

(Hat tip to Michael Palmer.)


At Boulders Beach

July 25, 2018

Signage alert today from Chris Hansen, with this item:


The location, from Wikipedia:


The multi-speed rainbow buttlight penguin (in blue)

July 5, 2018

Resting indoors:


Found by Elizabeth (Daingerfield Zwicky) and Opal (Armstrong Zwicky) at the Monterey Aquarium on the 4th: a Flashing Friend (“Press Me for Colorful Flashing Lights”). Press its rubber butt, and it flashes rainbow colors, in two speeds. A wonderful, remarkable little object.


We are everywhere, and we have penguins

June 5, 2018

For 2018’s Pride Month…

From the UK Pink News, “Antarctica is about to have its first ever Pride” by Jess Glass on 5/28/18:

Antarctica is set to have its first ever Pride event – thanks to a group of LGBT people based in an Antarctic research centre.


World Penguin Day

April 26, 2018

An alert from Chris Ambidge for this holiday, with a Sandra Boynton cartoon:

Already on my calendar: Penguin Awareness Day: January 20th, in the middle of summer in Penguinland.

Now, also World Penguin Day, April 25th, in Penguinland autumn.

I wonder: is there a penguin holiday for every season?


Cartoons on SF earthquake day

April 18, 2018

Three cartoons in my recent feeds: a One Big Happy with a Southernism that Ruthie’s unfamiliar with; a Rhymes With Orange with tuxidermy ( = tuxedo + taxidermy); and a Zippy with a war of plush cudgels (and the munitions industry that it supports). Nothing to do with the 1906 SF earthquake.


A bread maker, Alan?

March 20, 2018

A Xmas card from Ann Burlingham, sent from Queensland:

Marital relations among the penguins