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*postings about clothing, other than shirtlessness and underwear (for which there are separate Pages)

The bulk of these entries (marked off here by a row of five asterisks at beginning and end) were composed by Kim Darnell


4/19/11: Basket : moose knuckle :: butt : ?: Basket : moose knuckle :: butt : ?
Pondering on what to call the display of a decidedly masculine butt, inspired by images by Tom of Finland

4/24/11: Check your iPho: Check your iPho
Some silliness for a Sunday morning: iPho t-shirts

5/5/11: Comic reporting: Comic reporting
In the May 2 New Yorker, Tad Friend achieves the classic tone of Talk of the Town reporting in the magazine, in his piece “Clothes Horse” about director Paul Feig

6/2/11: The t-shirt watch: The t-shirt watch
Two humorous t-shirts: A gun-wielding Bad Panda and a laurel-wreath clad Emperor Penguin

5/19/12: New words from John Waters: New words from John Waters
Exploring the lexical innovations of trendsexual, meaning “(s)omeone whose sexuality is whatever the trendy sexuality is,” and blouse, meaning “a feminine top”

11/8/12: Toga toga toga!: Toga toga toga!
From an ad for loungewear that looks like it’s intended for rentboys in a male brothel to a discussion of media that focus on male prostitutes

12/1/12: Brief mention: the chamois shirt: Brief mention: the chamois shirt
On the broadening of the meaning of chamois to include not only a specific type of leather but fabrics that share the leather’s texture

3/14/13: soft/hard: soft/hard
Following up on a link provided by Jodie Lane on Facebook, commentary on the Flaccid–Erect Gallery, which includes images and discussion of soft and hard penises

3/21/13: dress left/right: dress left/right
Some thoughts on how men discuss where they put their penises when wearing pants, including opinions about what is “natural”

3/29/13: Crimplene: Crimplene
When viewed through a modern lens, the “fashions” made from Crimplene, a popular British ‘wash and wear’ fabric from the 50s and 60s, are far more amusing than they are trendy

3/29/13: Colored bottoms: Colored bottoms
Although many Black people find the term “colored” offensive, many young White people think the use of the term as a racial label is obsolete, leading to potentially controversial ad copy for clothing

4/9/13: pinnies: pinnies
A modern twist on pinafore, a pinnie is a reversible sports shirt similar to a scrimmage shirt

4/17/13: Penguins and tuxedos: Penguins and tuxedos
It takes an amazing amount of cultural knowledge to appreciate the included Bizarro cartoon about penguins enjoying casual Friday

4/23/13: More news for penises: More news for penises
From $150 penis-print leggings to human-sized penis mascots for safe sex to squeezable, penis shaped stress-busting toys, there news is full of humorous, penis-related news

4/26/13: On the porn watch: from facial hair to sex in suits: On the porn watch: from facial hair to sex in suits
An overview of a handful of AZBlogX posts about facial hair, skin color contrasts, and business suits in recent gay porn releases (… yes, I went there)

6/21/13: Packages in jeans: Packages in jeans
A collection of photos with men displaying blue jeans with well-filled fronts, along with some commentary and links to related posts

7/11/13: Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”: Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”
The video for this pop summer hit has drawn criticism for the woman-objectifying visuals and the rape-encouraging lyrics

8/2/13: Zippyrefs: Zippyrefs
Zippy brings together sandals, the verb “eschew,” Hammonasset Beach State Park, and the 60s band the Barbarians

9/18/13: AZBlogX: rear view, full frontal, harnesses: AZBlogX: rear view, full frontal, harnesses
A summary and links for recent AZBlogX posts on butts, penises, and leather harnesses

9/19/13: Miscellany for 9/19/13: Miscellany for 9/19/13

Quick coverage of 12 conceptually disconnected blips on the AMZ radar, including addenda to several recent posts

10/15/13: Yet another -kini: Yet another -kini
Some images and thoughts about the face-kini, a recent mask-like addition to Chinese beachwear

10/29/13: More bottoms and tops: More bottoms and tops
Buy a bottom, get a top: 50% off!

12/19/13: More Santa skin: More Santa skin
Santa zentai. Creepy.

3/5/14: Eleganza: Eleganza
A grab-bag of Zippy puns centered around the Eleganza 70s clothing line

4/28/14: Zippy on sleep, and more: Zippy on sleep, and more
Zippy brings together rolltops, Flappy Bird, Judge Judy, the Amherst Diner, country ham, and beaten biscuits

7/6/14: Cartooning at the diner: Cartooning at the diner
Zippy and Griffy’s unexpected trip through cartooning styles of the 20th century leads to some thoughts about Mountain View pre-fab diners, the 1961 Mercury Comet, and pub names

8/20/14: The mysteries of desire: The mysteries of desire
In an excerpt from Life in Hell, Jeff and Akbar try to have a conversation about arousal, but only their fezzes get excited about it

1/27/15: Snidely Whiplash: Snidely Whiplash
The cartoon villain Snidely Whiplash has a sidekick who wears a knit snow hat, or a tuque

2/20/15: The penguin of happiness: The penguin of happiness
“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a penguin and that’s pretty much the same thing”

4/8/15: More pairings on AZBlogX: More pairings on AZBlogX
Pairs of contrasting sexy images, mostly of men, from the AZBlogX

4/15/15: The panda shirt: The panda shirt
For two friends who have the panda as their totem animal, a t-shirt that says, “Trust me, I’m a panda”

11/17/15: Novelty ties: Novelty ties
A colorful Ferragamo ad in the New York Times inspires some discussion of novelty and vintage ties

12/20/15: Odds and ends 12/20/15: Odds and ends 12/20/15
Some cheerful cartoons of a Seussian Christmas tree trimmed with green eggs and ham and a hipster beard trimmed with Christmas ornaments lead to a series of images related to Arab characters in gay porn

12/24/15: More harnesses: More harnesses
A sexy image of porn star Damien Crosse in a black leather shoulder harness leads to more images of harnesses for work and play, along with several types of leather fetish wear

2/2/16: A visit with Colby Keller: A visit with Colby Keller
A variety of images of the playful male porn star Colby Keller, including casual photos, drawings, and displays of eclectic fashion

3/12/16: Fruit loops: Fruit loops
A loopy ride from the deceptively named Froot Loops cereal to the term “fruit loop” as a label for a mental illness to the locker loops on the backs of men’s button-down shirts to the antigay slur “fruit”

3/13/16 Social meanings of clothes: Social meanings of clothes
From Ivy League shirts to hoodies, different people see different social meanings for the same clothing, these perceptions of social meaning vary with context, and these perceptions of social meaning change over time

6/14/16: Most unusual ties: Most unusual ties
Steven Levine has some culturally amazing and amusing neckties!

6/19/16: Morning name: at Carnival, with a trumpet, in a tricorn: Morning name: at Carnival, with a trumpet, in a tricorn
The Carnival of Venice has inspired several pieces of music, as well as a variety of colorful and amazing costumes

7/6/16: Dress for performance and publicity: Dress for performance and publicity
Explorations in the way musicians present themselves in performance and publicity, especially through their clothing

10/17/16: More Zwicky postings: More Zwicky postings
An assortment of Zwickys, including mediocre Swiss muesli, a fanciful derivation of the surname (on a t-shirt), a low-budget mystery film, a Quebec eco-activist, and a cheesemaker in the Big Apple

10/22/16: Paisley days: Paisley days
Some lovely and colorful paisley ties from AMZ’s personal collection

10/23/16: One more remarkable tie: One more remarkable tie
Steven Levine shares a “late 40s tie with a print of workers sitting in a tree, each sawing off the very branch upon which they are sitting’

11/8/16: In a penguin suit: In a penguin suit
A cartoon play on the notion that tuxedos are “penguin suits” with a penguin selecting something to wear from five identical, tuxedo-like choices

12/14/16: Crotch news bulletins: Crotch news bulletins
Two news items about men’s junk: a Guardian story about the mammalian penis bone, and its lack in human beings; and an ad for a new line of quirky men’s underwear, Eletrunks

12/16/16: Gay Santas 2016: Gay Santas 2016
Five images of gay Santas, including Lee Tucker as Dapper Santa, a purple behatted Otter Santa, a ripped gogovi Glitter Santa, a randy Santa Daddy, and Bottom Santa trying to secure favors from a Harry Bush hard boy; a bonus image of a “very American” Black Santa in Japan

12/24/16: This year’s most puzzling Christmas card: This year’s most puzzling Christmas card
A mustachioed Brobdingnagian Clone Santa in a slinky smoking jacket, a shoe of some sort concealing his junk, surrounded by three miniature replicas of himself in various costumes (one in drag)

12/29/16: One more Santa cap: One more Santa cap
Even Godzilla is getting in on the Santa theme!

1/8/17: The highly evolved fashion sense of faggots: The highly evolved fashion sense of faggots
Beware mocking Italians from the southern region by calling them froci, or “faggots.” They’re likely to take it as a compliment, thanks to gays’ famously exquisite fashion sense

1/28/17: Yesterday’s hot guy: Yesterday’s hot guy
Daniel M. Sheehan, of the L.A. men’s fashion firm Sheehan & Co., is a hunky silver fox who enjoys having clothes from his company photographed on hot men — including himself

1/30/17: Gender and sexuality in the comics: Gender and sexuality in the comics
In today’s comics feed, a Bizarro on paleolithic heterosexual rituals; and a One Big Happy in which Ruthie reflects on projections of masculinity in men’s clothing

2/12/17: Three exhibitions: Three exhibitions
From the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford: a viewing of Dutch masters of the 17th century; various works by Warhol; and a student-curated display of East Asian artworks featuring the lingzhi mushroom


3/3/17: stringers: stringers
stringer tank tops

3/16/17: Cavenips: cavenips
one-shoulder clothing, one-piece bathing suits, wrestling singlets

3/20/17: Save a horse, ride a cowboy: Save a horse, ride a cowboy

3/22/17: An outrageous but colorful pun: An outrageous but colorful pun
moiré silk

3/30/17: Billy Zane: Billy Zane
superhero costumes

3/31/17: Men swear at menswear: Men swear at menswear
men’s fashion ads with profane captions

4/10/17: The little kid (part 2): The little kid (part 2)
Eton suits

4/18/17: A pun with death, a dance on the beach: A pun with death
Stefano Ricci men’s fashions

5/2/17: Semiotics of dress: the Age of High Gay: Semiotics of dress
Hal Fischer’s Gay Semiotics: A Photographic Study of Visual Coding Among Homosexual Men, 1977; Jim Wigler’s photographs of S.F. leather/bdsm men; Levine’s Gay Macho book

5/5/17: blue jack: blue jack
Union Army blue jackets

5/14/17: Six mothers: Six mothers
short pants for little boys; hats for women

5/14/17: Fags Before Flags, and other in-your-face t-shirts: Fags Before Flags
4 outrageous t-shirts

5/24/17: Dressing for June: Dressing for June
Pride clothing

6/4/17: Pride Time #3: on the menswear watch: Pride menswear
high-masculinity clothing showing off the body; feminine, flagrantly gay clothing; backless garments (chaps, backless leather shorts, etc.)

6/30/17: The Treasure of the Singlet Padre: Treasure of Singlet Padre
wrestling singlet as homowear

7/2/17: The patriotic fig leaf: Patriotic fig leaf
modesty shields

7/5/17: Fedora days: Fedora days
men’s hats: fedora, trilby, bowler, pork pie, homburg

7/6/17: A vintage hat: A vintage hat
a bowler hat — a titfer

7/30/17: The queer quilt: The queer quilt
collection of t-shirts made into a quilt

8/29/17: A tartan for my ilk: A tartan for my ilk
Pride of LGBT tartan; other tartans; plaid flannel shirts

9/25/17: Naked came the mammoth: Naked came the mammoth

9/26/17: Tied up in paisley: Tied up in paisley
paisley ties

10/5/17: I’m silently labeling you an asshole: Silently labeling you an asshole
t-shirts with this slogan

10/6/17: Noodling with formulaic language: Noodling with formulaic language
checkered/plaid clothing

10/19/17: Ruthie on meanings: Ruthie on meanings
the fabric satin

10/31/17: Getting in gear for Halloween: Getting in gear
harnesses of several types, esp. wide Y harnesses

12/15/17: Xmas follies 2017: the clothing: Ugly Xmas sweaters
Ugly Christmas Sweaters

1/2/18: Between Parody and Pastiche: Between Parody and Pastiche
Cow Tie from Steven Levine

3/18/18: Return to Dover DE: Return to Dover DE
Jeans, sneakers, and hoodies as routine wear

3/20/18: Perfectionist in pink sequin: Perfectionist in pink sequin
underwear, streetwear, footwear in pink sequin or glitter

4/12/18: Green wieners: Green wieners
snap fasteners / press studs / etc.

4/14/18: Tail caps: Tail caps
X-skin fur caps with tail attached

4/27/18: Hugely muscular androgyny: Hugely muscular androgyny
halter-top two-piece bikinis

5/14/18: On the rainbowwear beat: On the rainbowwear beat
rainbow kilt

5/17/18: Deshagged and pedicured: Deshagged and pedicured
#1: Shaggy Man of Oz’s clothing

5/21/18: bunny ears: bunny ears
children’s bunny costumes, Playboy-style bunny costumes

Jordache jeans; Panama hats

6/29/18: Swiss spin-off: herringbone tweed: herringbone tweed
tweed fabric, herringbone pattern in fabric

6/30/18: Characters 2: Perry the Platypus: Characters 2: Perry the Platypus
#5 Perry the Platypus pajamas

7/3/18: Annals of edibilia: Hissing Cockroach, Severed Genitals: Hissing Cockroach, Severed Genitals
#13 men’s turban

8/2/18: Male crop tops!: Male crop tops!
crop tops, their names and some of their history; many illustrations of male crop tops

8/4/18: Cultural knowledge: Cultural knowledge
clerical collars

8/5/18: Toga, togae, togae!: Toga, togae, togae!

9/17/18: The news for shoes: The news for shoes
women’s footwear, esp. sandals, from the Wanda Panda company

9/17/18: Mornings in Greece and Rome: Mornings in Greece and Rome
Greek garment peplos and Roman equivalent; modern peplum dresses

10/24/18: Rainbow shopping days: Rainbow shopping days
rainbow leather boots

12/13/18: Give head for Christmas: Give head for Christmas
sportswear from the Head company

12/16/18: Four Swiss rolls: Four Swiss rolls

1/2/19: Nighthawks on New Year’s: Nighthawks on New Year’s
party hats

1/22/19: Uri and Avi: Uri and Avi
Jewish and Palestinian headgear for men

1/29/19: A camelid from darkest Peru: A camelid from darkest Peru

2/15/19: Be more Michael B. Jordan: Be more Michael B. Jordan
MBJ in Coach clothing for men

4/11/19: Monsters and their Peeps: Monsters and their Peeps
kimono, happi coat

6/4/19: The Discreet Sportswear of the Bourgeoisie: The Discreet Sportswear of the Bourgeoisie
hiking and gardening garb for elegant men in the early 1900s

6/25/19: Fashion notes for Pride 2019: Fashion notes for Pride 2019
shorts, one-piece garments; rainbow and hot pink; onesies, jumpsuits, rompers

8/11/19: Cats in hats: Cats in hats
fedora-style hats in Bizarro cartoon, on Wayno, on Steven Levine; cowboy hat

9/11/19: Giovanni in Ferragamo: Giovanni in Ferragamo
extraordinarily expensive high-fashion men’s clothing advertised via Baldwin’s Giovanni’s Room

10/5/19: A man, his hands, his pants: Man, hands, pants

10/6/19: Penguin aerodynamics: Penguin aerodynamics
Sock It To Me socks

10/7/19: Suit and tie: Suit and tie
suit and tie, costume-play suits, business suit for men, business dress for women

10/20/19: Sexual adventure beyond space and time: Sexual adventure
fashionable rags in a post-apocalyptic setting

10/23/19: OUTiL: a historical note: Outil: a historical note
OUT in Linguistics t-shirts

10/31/19: Reaper days: Reaper days
Will McPhail cartoon: the Grim Reaper’s early attempts at making a fashion statement

sagging pants on young men; reaction against these

5/20/20: Minimalist, and sometimes anti-bacterial:
Merino wool clothing

5/22/20: The shoe in the toilet:
Maguba clogs

7/7/20: Navy flamingos and roseate spoonbills:
Patagonia shirts

7/8/20: That 70s style:
disco dancing shoes; jeans

7/22/20: Gay Highander:

7/26/20: Who were those masked penguins?:
face masks: penguins, sea otter

1/15/21: Flat on his back at the solstice:
beachcomber hat

1/16/21: A riot of hibiscus:
Hawaiian shirts and bottoms

1/25/21: Garment vocabulary:
on aversion to trousers

2/5/21: Morning name: houndstooth check:
the fabric pattern

2/16/21: Hello, Sailor:
sailor-themed t-shirts

5/11/21: Revelatory masks:
face masks

6/10/21: Sacrilegious puns for Pride Month:
rainbow tee shirts; Ah Men clothing

6/11/21: Original Penguin Pride:
Munsingwear rainbow penguin clothing for Pride

6/29/21: Rainbows and penguins at the gym:
Rainbow penguin and rainbow flag athletic wear

7/7/21: Lounge shorts:
and other loungewear

7/27/21: Big Fag in a buzzcut:
Big Fag t-shirt

7/28/21: Today’s garment faggotry:
FAGGOT t-shirt

7/29/21: Buzzcut portrait 3: the gay dinosaur:
rainbow tyrannosaurus t-shirt

7/30/21: Buzzcut 4: books and epithets:
GAY AS FUCK t-shirts, new and old

7/31/21: If you squint, you can see Switzerland:
Switzerland t-shirt and athletic shorts

8/13/21: Queer as duck:
QUEER AS FUCK tank top

8/30/21: Briefly noted: famous or heinous?:
Famous Amos’s hats

9/12/21: Read the message in my face:
slogan t-shirts

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