Tied up in paisley

Yesterday, from Steven Levine on Facebook:


Not too long ago the Steven Levine necktie museum received a significant donation from the Arnold Zwicky tie archives, which included a goodly percentage of paisley ties spanning a few decades. From what I’ve seen, there have been takes on paisley prints on neckties going back to the 20s and I’m pretty sure you can find them currently. This polyester tie seems seventies to me.

Steven added:

From Wikipedia’s entry on paisley: “The pattern is still commonly seen in Britain and other English-speaking countries with men’s ties but remains popular in other items of clothing in Iran and South and Central Asian countries.”

On this blog, there’s a 10/22/16: posting “Paisley days”, with five of my paisley ties, plus links to two previous postings on Steven’s ties, on paisley patterns, and on the name paisley.

And then today, the eve of Steven Levine Day (his birthday), a non-Zwicky paisley:


Today’s big fat 70s paisley tie (or maybe it’s a lobster bib) comes from the Larry Hanks collection, donated to the Steven Tie Museum by Deborah Robins a while back. This is from Goldwater’s Mens World in Phoenix and was probably expensive originally — it seems to be silk, and it’s actual patchwork rather than a single print. I think I would like each individual print as a tie more than I like the combination. [I agree.]

On the title of this posting. A la.me play on the song title “Tangled up in Blue”, with a pun on tied for tangled, and the pattern name paisley for the color name blue. There’s even a tenuous Minnesota connection, Dylan raised in Hibbing, Steven now in Minneapolis.

Dylan’s very complex song “Tangled Up in Blue” appeared on his 1975 album Blood on the Tracks. From it:Lord knows I’ve paid some dues getting through / Tangled up in blue”. Lord knows what happens when you’re tied up in paisley.


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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    On the 28th, Steven posted another non-AMZ paisley tie. He wrote:

    I return to the office today and to vintage paisley ties, this one actually being from the 40s, being short and made of shiny rayon. I’m not sure if Walter Fish [whose name is on the tie] was the original owner of the tie or the name of the store in Oroville California where it was originally purchased.


  2. arnold zwicky Says:

    From Steven on his tie of the 29th:

    This skinny 60s tie is what I really remember as paisley, from a particular burst of popularity it experienced at the time: bright cotton mod prints. I mostly remember paisley shirts made of cotton fabric, with small button-down collars and “fruit loops” (tags on the yoke).
    Weirdly, the paisley shirts and skinny ties were part of what was called “ivy league” style (the cut, the collar, the fruit loop, the cotton fabric), almost two decades before “preppy” was the fashion byword for youth.


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