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POP with Poe

July 18, 2017

Another POP (phrasal overlap portmanteau) from Hilary Price in today’s Rhymes With Orange:

(#1) Edgar Allan Poe + po’ boy

The Raven flies to New Orleans.


Start spreading the gnus

July 17, 2017

Today’s ouchrageous pun (passed on to me by Chris Hansen):

(#1) By Dan Thompson (DT Page on this blog here)

Wildebeests, gnus, whetever — they’re all ungulates.


Amoeba humor

July 17, 2017

A classic Gary Larson cartoon, which came up on Pinterest this morning:


Pun time at the protist corral, playing on Anglicized Spanish adios, amigos ‘goodbye, friends’ (perhaps better in AmE: ‘so long, buddies’).


Brewster Rockit to the rescue

July 15, 2017

[revised version]

From David Preston, yesterday’s Brewster Rockit comic strip, in a male character attempts to mansplain mansplaining to Pamela Mae Snap (aka Irritable Belle):

(#1) (Note strategic use of speech bubbles in the third panel.)


Vlad the Employer

July 14, 2017

A Jason Chatfield cartoon in the July 10&17 New Yorker:


The cartoon is amusing as the working out of the absurd pun in Employer vs. Impaler. But it also manages to allude simultaneously to the current Presidents of both Russia and the United States.


The running of the bulldogs

July 13, 2017

In the latest series (“It’s Not Surprising”) of GEICO tv ads, “Running of the Bulldogs”, with its silly play on the running of the bulls. A screen shot:


Description from

Men in white run for their lives through the streets of Spain. As one of them falls and begs for his life, the menace chasing them comes running around the corner — a herd of slobbering bulldogs. The fallen man braces for impact and gets a good licking.

That’s what bulldogs do: faced with people down on the street, they rush to lavish affection on them by licking their faces.


Two artists: Land, Chast

July 7, 2017

R. (for Ronnie) Land and Roz Chast, two American artists, out of the Art mainstream. Both entertain, both pointedly observe the culture around them. But otherwise they’re quite different: male vs. female, centered in Atlanta vs. centered in NYC, mostly producing “underground art” in public places vs. mostly known through cartoons in tony publications, presumably Christian vs. definitely Jewish, deeply private and unforthcoming about his life vs. exposng much of her life and opinions in her art and in interviews.

The two of them recently brought to my attention, Land through a posting from 2012 of one of his works (Little Bunny Foo Foo art at Grant Central Pizza Restaurant in Atlanta), Chast through an exhibition of her work at the Contemporary Jewish Museum (CJM) in San Francisco.


Chast, Haefeli, Kaplan

July 6, 2017

Three cartoons from the latest issue (July 10th and 17th) of the New Yorker, by Roz Chast (heirloom hot dogs), William Haefeli (gay couple with dog and baby), and Bruce Eric Kaplan (a visit from Dr. Seuss).


POP go the pheromones

July 4, 2017

Two recent cartoons in my feed that play with language: a POP (phrasal overlap portmanteau) in Rhymes With Orange, an outrageous pun in Bizarro (a replay from 2009, first posted here on 2/15/14).


The Treasure of the Singlet Padre

June 30, 2017

Or: Happy Trails to You.

It starts with a Richard Oliva photo in Steathy Cam Men on the 28th, with the caption “Hello, sexy daddy man!”:


In  leather singlet, displaying his furry pecs and treasure trail.