Rainbow underwear

*rainbow underwear postings

8/6/06: Gay flags
Gay Pride underwear

8/21/10: Return to rainbow flagwear
FreeMen rainbow underwear, Rainbow Pride jockstrap

5/9/13: Pin-up boys
#7: Richmond cheesecake boy in rainbow trunks

6/29/13: Rainbow pizza, rainbow underwear
black briefs with rainbow waistband, Rainbow V Mini Boxer, Expression Boxer in rainbow

12/17/15: Jockstrap with a rainbow pouch:
7 examples, from various companies

12/28/15: Extreme underwear, some in rainbow:
StevenEven Pikante line, the first with rainbow straps

5/24/17: Dressing for June:
sets of men’s underwear in rainbow colors, one color per item

6/26/17: Put a sock on it in parade season:
rainbow cock sock

5/10/18: slide in(to) (y)our DM’s:
Don Moris rainbow thong

6/13/18: The Calvin Klein pentachromatic neon rainbow:
CK Pride Trunks

6/23/18: Four things for Pride:
Tomboy X, LOBBO

Jor Pride Swim Trunks

9/16/18: Waving your flag:
Jor Pride Swim Trunks

2/19/20: Trough Pride:
DJX Trough Pride underwear

5/21/21: Harnessing up for Pride:
rainbow harnesses (and accompanying underwear)

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    […] the rainbow underwear I’ve posted about over the years (there’s an inventory of these in a Page on this […]

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