Harnessing up for Pride

(Plain-talk references to men’s bodies and sex between men, so not suitable for kids or the sexually modest.)

Just 10 more days till Memorial Day, one of the two secular holidays bracketing the summer holiday season in the US (Labor Day is at the other end). This year Memorial Day is on the latest possible day, May 31st, so that we’ll move immediately from Spring into Pride, from May into Gay.

For Pride Month, the Daily Jocks DJX Trough line — as in piggies at the trough — now offers an annual ensemble of rainbow-themed homowear: a harness, a bottom garment of some sort, and some big butch socks.

This year’s ensemble, which came in my e-mail on 5/3. Then last year’s. And then some other rainbow harnesses, to go along with the rainbow underwear I’ve posted about over the years (there’s an inventory of these in a Page on this blog).

DJX Trough 2021. The image:

(#1) Rainbow bulldog harness, white jockstrap with rainbow waistband, and white football socks with rainbow stripes (also available in black)

The ad copy:


Get party ready with the new 2021 Pride Trough Collection.

Made from a smooth ultra-soft satin elastic, with a sheen finish for that extra glow.  The gradient rainbow design is perfect for any pride event!

The model is DJX’s “regular-guy” model, at the neutral midpoint on the queer-straight scale. From my 3/19/21 posting “Personas and poses”:

A neutral underwear pose (in … PUMP! aqua briefs) from a model whose presentation of self is also neutral on the queer-straight scale (which means that in a heteronormative world, he’ll be taken to be straight)

… I’ll give this model a pseudonym … — Reggie, suggesting “regular guy” — because, despite his appearance in dozens and dozens of PUMP! ad photos, he doesn’t show up in a Google search for “PUMP! underwear models”. What you get in such a search is tons of incredibly hunky men displaying their bodies as objects of gay desire and presenting themselves as cruising intensely for sex (you can almost smell the sex sweat).

… Reggie is totally not of this world. He comes from the world of 1950s newspaper ads for Fruit of the Loom underwear.

DJX Trough 2000. Image from my 2/19/20 posting “Trough Pride”:

(#2) Rainbow bulldog harness (a bolder one than the one in #1), those football socks again

Harness styles. I noted in my posting “Fun fetishwear” yesterday that of the many styles of harness displayed by gay men, two heavily predominated: bulldog (or H) harnesses, illustrated above (though gay men’s harnesses are typically solid black and either leather or some material resembling leather); and X (or cross) harnesses, as here (in classic black leather, with broad straps):

(#3) From yesterday’s posting

In searching for a variety of rainbow harnesses, I was startled to see virtually no examples of X harnesses. Instead, lots of examples of another style, one that’s particularly spare and simple: the shoulder (or holster) harness.

From my 12/24/15 posting “More harnesses”, gay porn actor and director Damien Crosse in a black leather shoulder harness, with my commentary:


Those two straps clearly go under his armpits to get connected in the back and then go over his shoulders.  It turns out that such a harness (a piece of fetishwear, for sexual display of the body or for restraint) is known as a shoulder harness, or, because of its resemblance to devices for holstering pistols, a holster harness.

Rainbow shoulder harnesses. A sampling.

—  on the JJ Malibu (“sexy gay clothing & toys”) site: the Festival Harness in rainbow:

(#5) Features listed on the site: material: 100% polyester; excellent for circuit parties, festivals, and clubs; designed in Toronto

Shown here with a raspberry-colored (not rainbow) bottom.

— from the Breedwell company (offering homowear of many kinds, including the Breedwell Cumdump jockstrap, and items with led lights incorporated in them):


Our Pride Edition Breedwell Glow Harness flashes rainbow multi color lights and shows your pride spirit with an amazing light display. Same design as our full color shoulder harnesses but this special edition harness uses a different lighting technique that gives a fucking awesome light display in slow with blue/green colors and in fast pulses in rainbow’s colors.

— and the rainbow white body harness from Tease This End Up:

(#7) White shoulder harness with multicolored cross pieces on the front, and with rainbow straps connecting the harness to a rainbow thong

From the About page on the company’s website:

What originally started as men’s tees in April 2010, Tease This End Up [now based in Las Vegas] has become the largest variety of exotic gay apparel –  most known for offering men’s elastic chest harness straps and matching accessories.

With a growing collection of 50 different colored elastics to choose from, Tease This End Up has the largest variety for clients to choose from. With the Create Your Own option, the possibilities are endless.

Tease This End Up also offers crop-tops, graphic tees, harem pants and more.

The thought provoking brand of confidence is a lifestyle, geared towards gay men of circuit parties, gay nightlife, and special events. The brand represents confidence not only for go-go dancers and bartenders, but for all gay men of the community.

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