Trough Pride

(Some totally raunchy text, not suitable for kids or the sexually modest.)

From Daily Jocks, with mailings on 2/17 and 2/19:


The best selling DJX Trough collection is back with a Limited Edition Pride collection. Get ready for Sydney Mardi Gras [2/14/ – 3/1/20] or show your pride wherever you are in the world.

The two shots of the model, with my text, swiped from the Beatles (mostly George Harrison) and degraded into jingly raunch (my apologies to George Martin and everyone else associated with the original):

On the 17th, a front shot, with the model in shorts; he’s apparently trying to look slutty:

(#1) Have you seen the bigger piggies in their starched white shorts?
You will find the bigger piggies fucking around for sport
Always have clean shorts to play around in

On the 19th, today, a rear shot, with his muscular ass exposed and apparently on offer:

(#2) Have you seen the little piggies posing in their jocks?
And for all the little piggies, their aim is getting cock
Always having dick to play around with

It seems that the first appearance on this blog of the DJX Trough collection (harness, jockstrap, shorts, socks) was in my 5/24/19 posting “The ballet of Mango Meshman”, where I wrote:

The trough in the ad will suggest pigs feeding, and gay sexual excess.

— that is, sex pigs. It’s all about sexpiggishness.

And sex pig on ths blog goes at least back to my 9/30/13 posting “Up your alley”, where I wrote about:

the snowclonelet X pig, denoting someone who’s seriously into X (sex pig, involving sex in general or specifically “dirty sex” of various kinds; dick pigpiss pig)

(Meanwhile, if I were into harnesses, I would definitely consider that rainbow number.)


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