Briefly noted: sconge

(Penis-talk. Use your judgment.)

In yesterday’s posting “Saluting the presidents”, image #4 showed a montage of synonyms for erection (hard-on, boner, etc.), with (the) full salute among them:


Robert Coren commented:

Re #4: Raging Salmon elicited a slightly puzzled chuckle, but Sconge? Sheer puzzlement.

Had he pursued the matter on his own, he would have discovered what I suspected immediately on encountering sconge: that it was a sheer invention, a show-off neologism concocted from phonologically satisfying parts (while most of the others are show-off neologisms incorporating colorful metaphors).

But in this case, it seems that sconge has been invented specifically for a half-erect / semi-erect / half-hard penis, so that you might argue that it would be an actually useful single word, at least if you were someone (like me) who talked about penises a lot.

Not in any carefully assembled slang dictionary, so far as I can see, but only in on-line user-created dictionaries.

From the Online Slang Dictionary:

sconge: a half-erect penis. I’ve got a sconge. (Last edited on 6/12/13. Submitted by Dave from Faribault, MN, USA on 7/4/02.)

From the Urban Dictionary:

top definition for sconge: A partially erect penis, a synonym to the more juvenile “chub”. Often used to descibe a female being “sconge-worthy”. Also, a condition brought on by vigorous “grinding” and “booty dancing”. Man i had a sconge the entire night after she rubbed my thigh. (by Kotacular on 9/24/03)

2nd definition: a penis that is 15-85% erect. I have a sconge going. She is sconge-worthy. (by Deej on 4/10/03)

The remaining UD definitions all also appear to be inventions, but have other referents:

3 a person, male or female, without pubic hair.

4 the skin of ones armpit

5 delicious

6 some unidentifiable substance: usually unpleasant, sticky and hard to remove

7 to thrust inappropriate object into other inappropriate object


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