Saluting the presidents

(A posting on gay porn for Presidents Day in the US (yesterday, February 17th, this year), so awash in male genitals and mansex, described in raunchy street language — so entirely unsuitable for kids and the sexually modest. The actual male genitals are vividly depicted in my posting yesterday on AZBlogX, “Hail to the chief”, but this posting is scarcely decorous.)

It starts with the main Falcon ad for its 2020 Presidents Day (#1 on AZBlogX), featuring a carefully composed image of pornstar Paddy O’Brian with his dick at full salute, that is, hard (O’Brian, meanwhile has his right hand over his heart, as during playings of the national anthem). A cropped version of this ad:


In this case, unusually, the dick is actually important. O’Brian (Irish-born, but now saluting the symbols of America), billed as a versatile top with a PSD (Porn Standard Dick) of 7″, is looking earnest while performing what has gone beyond cock-tease to cock-reveal, with the hard dick neatly following the line of the waistband on his pulled-down briefs. It’s that bit of visual play that makes O’Brian’s dick in the ad not just your ordinary sturdy pornstar object of queer desire.

Ultimately, this posting is about O’Brian himself and two other pornstars, Sebastian Kross and Rex Cameron, and how they project (perhaps fictive) personas through displays of their naked bodies —  performances in which their cocks, however impressive, play surprising small roles.

The obvious reading of the ad is that the hard dick is part of a salute to the Presidents (accompanying the hand over the heart): I stand stiff to revere you and show that I am ready to defend you. But it could also be taken as an exhortation to revere O’Brian’s dick (or to revere whoever it is that is offering these 100+ titles on sale). Hail to O’Brian’s boner, greatest among us! I’m certainly ready to revere notable cocks, so long as they come with the rest of their man attached, and preferably with his face visible (all true of the image in #1 on AZBlogX). Disembodied and characterless, not so much.

Background: “Hail to the Chief”. The presidential anthem. Notes on it in a section of my 4/6/17 posting “Hail to the hyena-in-chief”.

Saluting,  literal and metaphorical. From NOAD:

noun salute: [a] a gesture of respect, homage, or polite recognition or acknowledgment, especially one made to or by a person when arriving or departing: he raises his arms in a triumphant salute. [b] a prescribed or specified movement, typically a raising of a hand to the head, made by a member of a military or similar force as a formal sign of respect or recognition. [c] [often with modifier] the discharge of a gun or guns as a formal or ceremonial sign of respect or celebration: a twenty-one-gun salute.

Illustrated here:

(#2) It’s saluting men (U.S. Dept. of Defense site: “Soldier Salutes: Soldiers stand in formation during a welcome home ceremony at Fort Drum, N.Y., July 23, 2019, following a nine-month deployment to Kosovo and Afghanistan”)

The literal raised hand, a hand raised (to head or heart), in respect to some object of reverence, easily extends metaphorically to a boner, a dick raised in arousal, by or for some object of sexual desire.

(I note in passing that sense c in the NOAD entry could similarly be extended metaphorically, from the discharge of weapons, to ejaculation. I had hopes for the XTube porn video “All-American Heroes: A 21 Dick Salute 2010” (which you can watch here (#3)), set of course to the 1812 Overture, but it turned out to provide about 21 brief scenes of hard dicks being energetically ministered to by male hands, mouths, or assholes, but without the release of even a single blast of cum. There are tons of cumshot compilations, of course, but, so far as I can see, none labeled as exhibiting salutes, by any number of guns.)

In any case, full salute has some small purchase as slang for a hard-on. There’s one Urban Dictionary entry (but then UD is full of inventions rather than reports), plus a few appearances in lists of slang terms for erections (hard-onboner, wood, and beyond). Notably, on the Women’s Health site, “19 Slang Terms for Erections, Ranked in Order of Genius: Having a hard time getting excited about the word “boner”? Here are plenty of alternatives” (I see no reason to take the rankings seriously) by Tess Barker on 3/12/15:


11. Full Salute. Some boners do inspire a sort of reverence.

Presidential pornstars 1 VERS: Paddy O’Brian. Projecting sturdy, very amiable, muscular high masculinity. Listed as versatile top in some places, just versatile in others, and presenting himself as sweet and athletically fuckable in some p.r. photos —

(#5) (photo from the BoyFriendly site)

and as ready to fuck in others, like this cock-tease shot from the Hotsnapz site:

(#6) He’s going to fuck you, boy, but as both master and guide, gauging exactly how to satisfy your pussy; afterwards, he’ll kiss you lovingly and suck your cock just the way you like it

He has a porn persona (whether as bottom or top) that just wipes me out; these photos give me pleasant twinges in my dick and asshole, even make my mouth water a bit (the way it does when you think of sucking on a sour candy). The dick is implied by the rest, doesn’t have to be explicit. You can see it in plenty of other photos, and in action in the videos, and it’s a big pornstar dick, which would be somewhat alarming in real life, but it’s just perfect in Gayland, and that’s where Paddy and I go to fuck.

(Hotsnapz is a London-based site offering professional-photographer images (sometimes fantastical, often comic) of young naked hunks.)

Presidential pornstars 2 TOP: Sebastian Kross. It turns out that the Falcon Presidents Day mailing came with two ads: O’Brian as above, and also Sebastian Kross, billed as a top (period) with a PSD+ of 7.5″: #2 in the AZBlogX posting, cropped here:

(#7) His dick is remarkably big, fairly thick, with a bit of a flare below the head. Probably hard and thick enough that you could club a baby seal to death with it.

In this image, rather than saluting American symbols, Kross is showing us his (presumably tasty) right armpit (largely concealed in this photo).

But wait, there’s more. Looking for another photo of Kross — I found the persona he projects in [#7] unpleasant — I came across a bit of giggle-inducing stunt porn sex, a gymnastic / acrobatic mid-air 69 involving Kross and Rex Cameron, which you can view in #3 on AXBlogX (I couldn’t see any way to de-dick it for WordPress). In it, Cameron hangs by his hands, upside-down, from the rings in a gym, with his tight gym shorts pulled down to expose a hard-on for Kross to suck on. Kross is standing on the gym floor, with his jeans pulled down just far enough to free his hard dick, for Cameron to suck.

Cameron’s doing all the real work here, including serving as a balance point for Kross (via Kross’s hand on Cameron’s head)

Part of the trick here is that the two men have to have very similar bodies, at least with respect to the their cock-to-mouth distances. These two aren’t perfectly aligned: Cameron’s body is a bit longer than Kross’s on this dimension.

Presidential pornstars 3 BTM: Rex Cameron. Cameron has a PSD, 7″, but not notably fat (as you can see on AZBlogX). He’s a total bottom, has been fucked by lots of big names in the business, and is (to my mind) really hot-cute. A cock-tease photo from Lucas Entertainment, with their bio:

(#7) always ask your bottomboy / if he’d like a blow job
lube his cunt before you fuck / and kiss him when you’re over*

Rex Cameron is an aspiring writer and LGBTQ columnist that always had his eye on the gay porn industry: “Gay porn models have always inspired me — I always felt a kinship to them. I always wanted to do gay porn so I said why not… and Rex Cameron was born.” Rex loves getting fucked on his back; there is more intimacy when two guys make eye contact during a sweaty fuck session. And while we’re on that topic, Rex loves bottoming for an aggressive top. Giving over total control to a top is Rex’s greatest sexual fetish. The craziest place Rex Cameron has had sex was on Lucas Entertainment’s Greek set overlooking the Adriatic Sea. “My first golden shower on film was part of the scene!”

I have played the aggressive top on a few occasions, to satisfy men who deeply needed to be taken this way. So I could certainly fantasize about pile-driving Rex Cameron in Gayland. It’s what he wants, after all. Meanwhile, I would of course suck his cock — in my fantasy, I’d be able to take all of it, which I couldn’t come near doing in real life.

*Mirror for Princes, Quatrain 41. From the Commentaries, on 41: Sucking cock and getting sucked are the base states of nature for most men of our sort; it is only common politeness to offer both your mouth and your dick to a companion, just as you would share lunch with him.

Note on semantics/pragmatics. About

My first golden shower on film was part of the scene.

Note the limiting modifier on film. Implicating that Cameron had enjoyed golden showers / watersports / piss play off-camera, elsewhere, before the Lucas staff had men piss on him in Greece. And that was a big thing, because it was really really in public. Not in his bathroom. Not in a secluded spot on the beach. Not even at a watersports party at a sex club for men. But before the whole world. And captured in an enduring medium.

In the gay porn world, this particular implicature most commonly appears in writing about bottoming. A fair number of gay pornstars present themselves as total tops — in this world, that makes them stone masculine (they don’t take dick like a woman; but note that everybody in this world sucks cock) and hence more desirable. (I’m a full-bore pussy, so I think these attitudes are nasty horseshit, but there they are.)

The studios will then push men who’ve presented as total tops to flip for the cameras. This is a generally canny move of marketing by social leveling, since it’s designed to reassure fags like me about our masculinity: if super-butch NN takes it up the ass, then maybe I’m not so bad. And I’ll buy the DVD with proof on it.

So we get a whole genre of top-to-bottom videos, in which NN gets screwed on camera for the first time. These events are generally announced with great fanfare, and with careful language:

NN gets fucked for the first time on film.

Implicating that he has been fucked off-camera.

Well, he’s probably gotten fucked by a lover or a trick, and if he has, in the relatively small and incredibly gossipy world of gay porn, news of that will have gotten around. Nobody wants him to be branded a liar.

In any case, he damn well should have been fucked a fair number of times, especially since it’s not just any dick he’s going to be taking up his ass, but pornstar dick — unusually long, yes, but also probably unusually thick (something like Sebastian Kross’s firehose) — and you need to work up to taking a dick like that, in stages. It takes practice. You can, in fact, learn how to be a really good fuck. It’s a skill. (And, on the other side, how to be a really good fucker, which is also a skill. A fair number of g4p (gay-for-pay) porn actors believe that fuckhole skills are easier to learn than fucker skills — this might just be a reflection of the fact that least at the outset, men fucking anything are inclined to be extraordinarily selfish sexually; the notion of considerate lover doesn’t come naturally.)

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