The ballet of Mango Meshman

(Mango Meshman shows off his body, to the accompaniment of mansexually suggestive lyrics. Not for everyone.)


The beauty of his buttocks
And the juicy sweetness
Of his secret parts

We know him in a previous incarnation as the fabulously receptive superhero Mesh Man:

(#2) From my 2/13/19 posting “Mesh Man: Always Open for Business®”

(And again in my 4/27/19 posting “A standout in his shorts”, with Mesh Man “flaunting his famous receptive organ — he’s all man and a foot deep”, in photos #1  – #3 (and admiring his penis in #4).)

But now he’s doing business as Mango Meshman, the maestro of the Mango Ballet, with costumes provided by a new fetish underwear line, DJX, from the Daily Jocks firm (ad in my mail today). The ad copy:

Get party ready with the DJX Trough Collection. Exclusive to DailyJocks this party look will make you stand out from the crowd with matching Harness, Jockstrap, Shorts & Socks.

From NOAD:

noun trough: a long, narrow open container for animals to eat or drink out of: a water trough.

The trough in the ad will suggest pigs feeding, and gay sexual excess.

As for the Mango Ballet, it’s a dance form of Meshman’s own devising, based on four ballet positions, each with an associated color and character; each character has perfectly color coordinated clothes (harness, jockstrap, shorts, and socks) — fetishwear with style:

(#3) First position: the Red Fool, an especially ridiculous-looking posture and costume

(#4) Second position: the Blue Victor

(#5) Third position: the Khaki Contemplative

(#6) Fourth Position: the Black Cruiser

In the technical literature on Mango Ballet, the first two positions are known as covered positions: the buttocks are covered by shorts, and the dancer’s prominent package is highlighted instead. And the last two as open positions: the dancer’s buttocks are on display in his jockstrap.

The fourth position is sometimes known jocularly as The Closer, or as the Coup de Grâce.

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  1. Gert Says:

    WOW! What a sexy hunk!

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