Mesh Man: Always Open for Business®

(The Daily Jocks e-mail of 2/11/19 with a homowear offer from the Varsity company came with the header “NSFW: Boys in mesh”, so this posting will clearly not be for everyone. Seductively exposed buttocks, offered sexually, so not for kids or the sexually modest.)

With a brief caption of mine:

(#1) Mesh Man: Always Open for Business®

Ever at the ready, a
Marvel of receptivity
Mesh Man, always there for you,

Mind reader and lightning
Provider of sexual
Emergency service

The ad copy. Introducing the all-new Varsity Mesh Collection!

Both sexy and preppy, Varsity prides itself on a great range of basics and statement pieces designed for every guy’s wardrobe. The stylish brand is influenced by American University sportswear and Frat parties, combining a mix of sporty elements and details that won’t leave you unnoticed. Totally versatile, Varsity will always have you covered for parties, the gym and everyday wear.

Jockstrap, Jock-Thong, Mesh Shorts, Mesh Singlet. All available now in Black & White.

I’m struggling to imagine Mesh Man at a frat party. Well, maybe Sigma Epsilon Chi:


The facial expression. Mesh Man looks heroically into the far distance, scanning the sky for signals from men calling to him. He will come to you instantly if you need him.

Mesh Man’s kin. In the Marvel universe: Spider-Man, Iron Man, Ant-Man, and Iceman. In the D.C. universe: Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Catman, and especially his cousin in shmattes, Ragman.

From the Comic Vine site:


Ragman: Wearing a suit of rags made from the souls of evildoers, Rory Regan patrols the streets of Gotham City dispensing vigilante justice. He is one of the few Jewish superheroes in the DC universe

(noun schmatte (also shmatte): US informal a rag; a ragged or shabby garment. (NOAD))

This is not generally known, but Mesh Man is also Jewish. Originally, he was Meshuga Man, projecting craziness within a sphere 20 feet around his body, but then after an especially satisfying sexual liaison with Iron Man, he discovered his true calling as a Receptive.

(adj. meshuga (also meshugga or meshugah): North American informal (of a person) crazy; idiotic (NOAD))

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