Fun fetishwear

(Men displaying their bodies in underwear ads, leading to men in revealing leather, engaged in kinky sex — not suitable for kids or the sexually modest.)

Fun fetishwear for gay men, from the new brand Vaux. From the ad copy on Daily Jocks:

Vaux brings fetishwear inspiration from Cellblock13 & pairs this with fun prints to add a new twist to your underwear drawer.

and on the International Jock site:

From the makers of Timoteo and CellBlock 13: conceived during a visit to the Vauxhall district of South London, VAUX is a new brand created for and inspired by the diverse and ever-evolving queer community.

and, with more detail, on the Men and Underwear site, “Jockstraps and Matching Harnesses by VAUX and Cellblock13 at” on 8/20/20:

The VAUX VX2 Harness is designed to accentuate your back and show off your chest. It is made of high-quality coated and printed neoprene with spandex piping in contrasting colours. This is a structured harness with adjustable snaps for fit and comfort. Two adjustable straps come down your torso, with metal hoops and hooks that connect to either your jeans or to Vaux VX2 Zipper Jock for a full gear look. The torso straps can also be removed if you choose to wear it strictly as an upper body harness. [There are also facemasks.]

Examples from the three sources:

In the Daily Jocks mailing of 4/26:

(#1) Muscle hunk, rear view, bulldog harness and low rise briefs, in Vaux’s Zebra Pink pattern

Then, on the International Jock site:

(#2) Lean swimmer-body, front view, bulldog harness and a thong, in Vaux’s Black Rose pattern

Finally, on the Men and Underwear site:

(#3) Muscle hunk, front view, bulldog harness, torso straps, and zipppered jockstrap, in Vaux’s Leopard Blue pattern

(#4) Muscle hunk, front view, facemask, bulldog harness, and torso straps, in Vaux’s Black Floral pattern

Two notes.

First, a harness is the crucial piece of apparel in making this fetishwear; underwear that advertises a man’s package and/or his buttocks is just sexy display. But (from my 12/24/15 posting “More harnesses”),

On a man, a harness, especially a black leather one, is a display of the wearer’s body and a projection of masculinity, in combination with a presentation of the wearer either as a dominant stud or as a submissive.

More on harnesses, especially in bdsm sexual encounters, below.

Second, the significance of the color black and the material leather.

In the world of gay fetishes, black is the basic color, signifying

high masculinity (butch vs. fem(me) / faggy), a preference for the insertive role in gay sex (top in fucking, fellatee in sucking, vs. bottom / fellator), and deep seriousness (vs. playfulness and camp),

with leather and dominant / master (vs. submissive / slave) as basic fetishes; in the hanky code, black also signals sado-masochism. Other colors, conspicuously displayed, are drawn from the gay hanky code: light blue for oral / sucking, dark blue for anal / fucking, red for fisting, gray for bondage, yellow for watersports / piss play, brown for scat / shit play.

For harnesses, black is the basic color — in latex, silicone, rubber, but especially in leather.

Leather enters into these things in several ways. Through the sensual attractions of the material, in touch and smell. Through its supple strength and warmth, which make it a good material for sturdy garments, in particular, uniforms of many kinds (and also for restraining devices) — uses that gave rise to a (general) male leather subculture associated with motorcycles and motorcycle gangs and to a specifically gay leather subculture focused on leather uniforms of many kinds (for their high masculinity and their concordance with bdsm practices and subcultures), as celebrated especially in the homoerotic art of Tom of Finland.

People can experience their involvement with leather — or with any other fetish or paraphilic object (see my Page on fetishes and paraphilias) — in a variety of ways: as an individual sexual matter, an object of attraction, desire, and sexual practices; as a kind of sexual identity, a matter not just of what you feel and do, but of who you are (often crystallized by learning about other people’s desires and practices); or as membership in a sexual community or subculture, with shared practices, a sense of communal identity, and often with subcultural institutions, rituals, and symbols.

Harnesses. In black leather, suitable for bdsm encounters. There are many types of harnesses (reviewed in a series of postings on this blog), but two — bulldog and X — are the everyday styles. Examples, bulldog first. From Etsy, made by BDSMinsomnia, front and rear:

(#5) Description on the Etsy site: Classic men’s harness BULLDOG Style very hot sex harness for man

(#6) Descriptors on the Etsy site: genuine leather bulldog harness, brutal harness, leather chest harness, men’s harness, BDSM leather

The bulldog harness is the usual first harness for a man who’s just getting into leather. It’s compatible with either dominant or submissive status, but is often seen as especially well suited for submissives, since the D rings in the front and back can support a strap with attachments for the wearer’s genitalia in the front, his anus in the rear. (Illustrations to follow in a moment.) It’s also easily combined with some form of slave collar or slave chain to make a man’s submissive status clear.

In fact, he model in #5/6 is designed specifically for submissives, since  all the buckles are in the back, where the wearer can’t fasten or unfasten them himself, but must rely on his dominant to do it for him.

Now those D rings. From Mr. S Leather, a bulldog harness with extra straps:

(#7) Bulldog with a cockstrap (a strap with a cockring attachment)

(#8) Bulldog with an all-around strap (could also be used with a buttplug strap)

With these additional straps, every step you take will have you thinking about your dick. With your cock getting a nice tug with every movement you’re going to have a hard time keeping it down!

The cockstrap connects to the front D-ring on the Bulldog Harness 2.0 and an included two inch metal cockring connects your junk to your chest. Whatever moves you’re making, you get a nice pull on your cock.

Really up the ante with the All-Around Strap. This includes the cockstrap but also a strap that goes up back. It makes for a hot look both coming and going!

On to X harnesses. From the Army of Men gear site:

(#9) The Sergeant X harness (with snap fasteners on all strap ends)

And an X harness in action — Rafael Alencar (in the harness) and François Sagat (sucking Alencar’s cock) in a Falcon / Naked Sword store ad for a May 2021 DVD sale:

(#10) With snap hooks on the strap ends

Bonus: the leather dom/sub photography of Matt Spike. In searching for harness / leather / bdsm images for this posting, I came across this arresting leather slave photo from the Guardian‘s files:

(#10) Heavy leather appare, slave chain, bulldog harness with cockstrap

The photographer was Matt Spike. From his website (which goes back and forth between 3rd person and 1st person):

Matt Spike is a fetish artist who uses video, photography and human installations to illustrate his view of fetishism, queer identity and homoeroticism. I’m full of ideas and concepts relating to submission and dominance and the superficiality of sexuality; a politically-minded person, I like to include an edge in most of my images as I believe taboos should always be challenged; and as an admirer of subculture, I gravitate towards left-field, bizarre tastes in sexual practice.

As an artist, the fuel in Matt’s engine is his drive to create “kinky art and push it further than we thought imaginable”. Matt has street cred: “I started working as a leather escort at 22 years old. At that time, not many young kids were domming, and my mind was still young, getting warped quickly by exposure to fantasies of death, suffering, humiliation, exhibition, and voyeurism.

Two further Spike photos:

(#11) A slave boy (with, among other things, a bulldog harness)

And a double-fetish young man (a leather slave, in X harness and heavy slave collar, arms cuffed behind his back, with a black leather blindfold; doing duty on his (protected) knees as a piss slave, a human urinal among the porcelain fixtures, in a black leather urinal gag:


Look so hot and feels so sexy. All this earnest assumption of roles in black leather is powerful and moving, but sometimes fags just want to have fun; the gear looks so hot on your body and it feels so sexy, why not play with it?

From my 5/5/20 posting “Play me, Sam”, on

an ad for Sparta’s colorful fetishwear: harnesses and underwear …

Show off your fierce warrior side when you buckle and secure yourself into a Spartan’s Latex Harness.

Well, the men might be fierce and muscular, but their fetish apparel is decidedly fashion-forward, in luscious intense colors and designs. Would straight guys wear such things? Probably not, but then it wasn’t designed for them. It’s butch fagginess, designed for macho queers who flaunt their sexuality. [See now the Page on this blog on butch fagginess.]

It’s a homomasculine genre of clothing to accompany a particular brand of homomasculine presentation of self.  A genre that brings us stocky muscle bears in bright pink mini-briefs

… And even sweaty scruffy muscle hunks embracing passionately:


The signal of those wonderfully neon-colored bulldog harnesses is not, I imagine, availability for fucking (dark blue) and fist-fucking (red), but rather invitation to appreciate and marvel at the men’s fabulously developed pecs. Hey, buddy, don’t you wanna play with our pecs, lick our sweat, maybe suck on our tits? Go for it, honey; we’re going to be gazing passionately into each other’s eyes and kissing like sex-crazed minks, but our remarkable pecs and abs are right out there for you to enjoy, and our major hard-ons too!

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