Fetishes and paraphilias

*fetishes and paraphilias: BDSM, humiliation, physical and verbal abuse, dominance/submission, pain, disgust (pissplay, serving as a urinal; scat), raunch, incest, animal roleplay (puppy play, pony play), etc.

common preferences/fetishes not covered here in any detail: uncut cocks, big cocks, musclemen/bodybuilders, twinks, bears, femmes, tattoos, hairy men, smooth men, particular races/ethnicities, jockstraps, leather, nipples, armpits, assholes, balls, rimming, bareback sex, etc.

see also: Daddy – Boy, DILF

4/20/09: Teabagging and politics:
the sexual practice of teabagging – pleasurable, humiliating, both

7/19/10: The Truly Huge:
in section on Dan Savage and bodybuilder Brad: reflections on the pleasures of humiliation

7/27/10: Five from 2005: XXX-rated collages:
collage based on image of a man pissing on a boardroom table

1/2/11: Group sex in gay porn:
reference to: “orgy scenes in Titan Media’s BDSM leathersex flicks for fags”
cum and piss bukkake

1/30/12: erection enhancer:
cock rings

10/11/12: The spooge chronicles:
cum facials

1/19/13: Kino Sekigushi:
bara: gay BDSM erotic manga

1/23/13: Piss porn 1: five recent images:

1/23/13: Piss porn 2: background:
erotic potential of piss; piss playfulness; piss as humiliation or abuse; two types of piss fags

1/23/13: Piss porn 3: enthusiasm and routine:

1/24/13: Watersports:
links to AZBlogX postings

2/18/13: Commercial categories: gay sex toys:

2/25/13: Fetish/kink porn:
Falcon’s Hoodies; abuse bottom Shane Frost

2/27/13: abuse:
ritualized, consensual abuse and humiliation

3/8/13: Edging:
edging; hitachis

3/26/13: The masochism spectrum:
various practices labeled as masochistic, though some don’t belong on this list (fisting, in particular), and others should be on the list but aren’t (sounding, edging, impact play); some others: nipple clamps, spanking, hot-wax play, electrotorture, clothespegging testicles, sandpaper hand jobs

4/5/13: Maximum exposure: Male Power:
kinky leather underwear

4/7/13: Scruff cum:
cum facials, gay bukkake

4/16/13: Two images:
#1: bondage, pole up the ass, CBT (cock and ball torture)
#3: CBT with clothespins

4/16/13: Initialistic ambiguity:
CBT; ballbusting; list of CBT devices

7/19/13: Cum play:
images for an AZBlog posting

7/19/13: More sexual slang:
cum play: snowballing, gokkun, cum sharing, cum drinking

7/21/13: Dream World, Sleazy Gangbang, man pussy:

7/26/13: ‘male anus viewed as a sexual organ’:
man pussy, boy cunt, etc.; fuckhole or hole ‘asshole’ or ‘bottom man in fucking’

7/28/13: Leo Forte:
star on BDSM circuit; and Tony Buff

7/29/13: The tao of pain:
Leo Forte flogged by Tony Buff, inter alia

9/13/13: Défonce Moi:
anal pleasures: fucking, fisting, dildos

9/18/13: Harnesses:
cross harnesses and bulldog harnesses

9/28/13: X job:
sexual X job expressions: blow job, rim job, hand job plus some innovations

9/29/13: Folsom Street Fair:

9/30/13: Up Your Alley:
Dore Alley fair and assorted fetishes

10/07/13: Puppy play:

11/11/14: Calendar boys:
section on the adult-baby fetish (paraphilic infanilism)

4/6/15: Cumshots and cumfaces:

7/11/15: claustrophilia:
pleasure from confinement in small places

9/7/15: Three morning names:
sex slings (esp. in leather)

9/23/15: Mark Mason, Matt Bauer, and Gay Porn Minus Gay Sex:
“Titpigs are stereotypically big hairy men, bears, leathermen, and sexual fetishists.”

10/11/15: From the 80s:
“initiated the ad campaign for “Relax” with two quarter-page ads in the British music press. The first ad featured images of [Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s openly gay Paul] Rutherford in a sailor cap and a leather vest, and Johnson with a shaved head and rubber gloves.”

10/19/15: Rafe on display:
Nasty Pig underwear; Bay of Pigs dance party

11/17/15: Cockfest #5: cum guzzling:
pleasures of swallowing cum

11/19/15: Rushing Sugar:
the Blue Oyster Bar — the gay leather bar in the Police Academy films

12/10/15: The black gangbang fantasy:
black-on-white fantasies in gay porn; bukkake fantasies as well as gangbang fantasies; submission to more dominant, more masculine men

12/11/15: The pleasure of humiliation:

12/16/15: Go H+A+R+D:
caption with Master/Slave relationship

12/18/15: mandingo party:
black gangbang of a white woman, with (willing) humiliation ofthe woman’s partner; man-man analogues

12/19/15: X queen:
“Three categories here: partner preferences based on race, ethnicity, or nationality (ethnic preferences, for short); other partner preferences; and preferences for particular sexual practices.”
on the third: “Two examples I already knew (piss queen, for a gay man who seeks out piss play; and scat queen, for a gay man who who seeks out shit play), five I could have predicted but don’t recall having heard until I started a search for examples (cock queen, for a gay man who loves to fellate other men; toe queen, for a foot-fetishist gay man who loves to suck toes; rim queen, for a gay man who especially enjoys rimming his partner, licking and tonguing his anus; fist queen, for a gay man who especially enjoys being fisted, having another man’s fist and some forearm inserted into his lubricated anus; and dildo queen, a gay man who enjoys having sex toys inserted into his lubricated anus), and one that was an entertaining surprise (mitten queen, for a gay man who prefers to masturbate his partners). No doubt there are more.

12/23/15: X-rated Damien Crosse:
[from AZBlog] section on Crosse’s versatility in roles, contrasting a dick-display photo in which he takes on a menacing hustler stud role and his performance in the video Hunger Gang, a gangsuck / gangbang / bukkake film in which he takes on four men in all three of these ways, with evident enormous pleasure. (This is technically Crosse being submissive and being humiliated, but you wouldn’t know that from the gusto with which he tackles these guys.)

12/24/15: More harnesses:
fetishwear: chaps; bondage suit / gimp suit

12/25/15: More Damien Crosse:
[especially enjoys making films on two fetish, or paraphilia, themes: piss play and cum facials.]

12/27/15: X-rated Darius Ferdynand:
X-rated images to go along with AZBlog posting

12/27/15: Darius Ferdynand:
dominance and submission

1/1/16: Holiday images:
BDSM images for Xmas, New Year’s

1/14/16: Kike Sorroche, ilustrador homoerótico:
Club Piss organization in Spain

1/28/16: Lower bangs higher:
dominance and submission

1/31/16: Toys for Twisted Boys:
assorted toys, including cock cages

2/6/16: The Super Bowl looms:
film Gridiron Gang Bang and pornstar Dayton O’Connor; O’Connor bound and edged in 2013 video; Blue Bailey as target of 20-man gangbang in 2014’s Viral Loads; O’Connor as crude and rough dom in 2015’s Breeding Season 3

2/8/16: Kevin Wiles:
X-rated images to go along with posting on AZBlog

2/9/16: Morning names: wiles, Wiles:
pornstar Kevin Wiles; uberbttom and ubercocksucker as, in effect, sexual orientations; verbal abuse and ritual humiliation; domination and submission

3/4/16: Trent Atkins, a great bottom:
#3 Atkins in pisspig costume for a Michael Lucas Raunch video: Pigskin briefs in piss-coded yellow

3/18/16: Late for St. Patrick’s:
pornstar Harley Everett, passionately into BDSM, leather, fetishes

4/17/16: Another winged man:
TitanMen’s Fallen Angel series, with extreme leather and tons of fetishes

4/18/16: Briefly: bloodletting:
Mayan kink: penile bloodletting

4/27/16: Sex comics: the kinksters:
Josman, Tom of Finland, Etienne, The Hun

5/14/16: Pretty in pink: my homo pony:
Exterface model David Morgan in S&M photos

7/13/16: Bodily alignment:
BDSM from Bound Gods (#1, #4 on AZBlogX)

11/13/16: Lukas is back!:

11/18/16: The news for cigars:
gay cigar fetish, capnolagnia, leathermen

11/22/16: Poised to prong, psyched to suck:
podophilia / foot fetishism

1/18/17: From MeatMarket.com:
assorted fetishes and paraphilias

1/28/17: Joe Gage:

1/31/17: fudge:
coprophagy ‘shit-eating’

3/5/17: Body works, Part !!!: Axillary Delights:
armpit sex as a fetish, or not

3/24/17: The invention of the X job:

6/4/17: Pride Time #3: On the menswear watch:
leather and fetish wear; IML

6/6/17: Distracting moments in gay male erotica:
costumes and props

7/7/17: What will become of me?:
effluvia that are subject to fetishization

7/21/17: Getting into harness:
commando and bulldog harnesses

8/11/17: Billy the Berlin Barboy:

11/14/17: Igor®, the Siberian shape-shifter:

12/31/17: News for penguins, penises, and Totoro:

3/13/18: Zane Grills:
BDSM in Fifty Shades of Grey

3/16/18: On the fetsh patrol: FamilyDick:
Lucas line of inter-family gay sex porn

3/17/18: Josman’s family:
comics with ecstatic interfamilial mansex

3/17/18: Titan St. Patrick:
TitanMen’s L.A. Cruising (2017); Bruce Beckham, Micah Brandt; TitanMen Piss Off sextoy in chocolate, vanilla, and caramel

3/17/18: Manly St. Patrick:
regular blog version of the preceding

3/18/18: The family fetish:
incest; piss

3/21/18: Fifty shades and Justice League:
BDSM, foot fetishism, humiliation

4/9/18: The gay world of Yvon Goulet:
leathermen (in triptychs)

4/10/18: Two cartoons from friends:

4/11/18: On the fisting patrol:

4/12/18: Fisto:

4/25/18: polydactyly:

4/25/18: At the t-room urinals:

4/26/18: On the piss patrol:
the Urinal Piss Gag; piss drinking; and piss play in general

4/26/18: Unsavory moments on AZBlogX:
link to AZBlogX posting on piss

9/4/18: Brush away the blue-tailed skink:

10/1/18: Fall facework:
pornstar Luke Adams: #6 bdsm with Christian Wilde

11/3/18:In costume for Halloween 2018:
#1 fetishwear

11/3/18: News for penises: the Halloween gay porn report:
regular blog version of the previous

2/17/19: Eat it! The oral humiliation you deserve:
BDSM, SHAC (submission, humiliation, abuse, constraint), scat

8/14/19: Il Leopardo di Sparta:
harnesses as fetishwear

9/18/19: The hollow:
neck hollows as a paraphilia

12/17/19: All I want for XXXmas:
bdsm, puppy play

12/21/19: Surprise! Vadim’s gay alphabet:
Vadim Temkin’s sexy gay alphabet images: bdsm crosses

12/24/19: Hung with care:
Vadim’s alphabet on AZBlog: bdsm crosses

2/18/20: Saluting the presidents:
golden showers / watersports

3/10/20: Spanish fetish all over the guy:
[fetish underwear; Mr. Fetish Spain]

4/7/20: Alex’s Locker Room:
feet and shoes

7/23/20: Fear of furniture:

9/25/20: Raunchy Dirty Uncut Fucking:
dominance and submission

9/26/20: From the dominance/submission files:
regular-blog verson of the preceding

2/19/21: Lobster bands, and other restraints:

5/20/21: Fun fetishwear:
leather, bdsm, dominance and submission, piss play

5/24/21: The Ecstasy of Saint Atlas:
armpit and nipple fetishes

9/25/21: Ganymede in fur:

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