ecards and other texty creations


1/1/12: The many faces of male friendship:

The many faces of male friendship

3 cards

7/12/12: Split those infinitives:

Split those infinitives!

7/12/12: Off-putting grammar:

Off-putting grammar

8/30/12: to long grass:

to long grass

#2 is an ecard

1/30/13: Explanations and understandings:

Explanations and understandings

5/12/13: smartass:


10/14/13: Snarky spelling and punctuation:
3 ecards

5/12/14: On the verge of a collective:

5/14/14: Four at midweek:
#4: an e-card-like cartoon

5/19/14: Accents?:
an e-card-like cartoon

5/30/14: What are they?:
ecard in #2; texty creations, or texties

1/25/15: What would you do?:
ecard in #3

2/5/15: Groundhog consequences:
photo + text

5/9/15: In brief: vaguebooking:

7/11/15: Librarians and light bulbs:
joke text + illustration

7/22/15: Digitally disseminated folklore:
ecard in #4

1/18/16: Viking Kids:
one ecard-like composition, one ecard

2/1/16: Only YOU:
ecard-like composition (a texty) in #1

2/1/16: Be Like Schwa:
texties with the Be Like Bill meme

3/20/16: Rainbow Peeps:

3/23/16: Play with Obi Wan Kenobi:
two texties with plays on the name

3/31/16: A kitten-killing God?:
“Every time you masturbate, God kills a kitten” and variants

10/26/16: Wednesday odds and ends:
a penguin texty

3/10/17: Friday cartoon 1: the husky cub meme:
texties, including the cute husky cub and the joke eel

5/14/17: Fags Before Flags, and other in-your-face t-shirts:

10/26/17: Three more pumpkin-spicy bits:
#1 “pumpkin spice up your sex life”

11/2/17: This machine kills fascists:
Stella Marrs conceptual-art texties

2/22/18: There otter be a law:
“Do you like pinochle otters?”

3/20/18: A bread maker, Alan?:
UK Cards texty

7/30/18: Mud, shit, and chocolate:
2 e-cards

8/7/18: Two texties, in two tonalities:
play on “MacArthur Park”, subversion of an amazing-fact texty

9/11/18: The cartoon milkman:
#3 Blunt Card

10/15/18: Fables of the trees:
#1 texty

2/22/19: In the land of supertitles:
#3 and #4 ecards

3/16/19: The SemFest 20 handout:
#1 texty

3/27/19: Two cents, common sense, incense, and peppermints:

3/30/19: News for carnivorous penises:
#5 texty

4/1/19: Revisiting 29: chants/chance:
#1 texty

4/5/19: Science, charity, and adverbial ambiguity:
#1 texty superimposed on art reproduction

4/28/19: All ˈlaundry ˈis a ˈblur of ˈstatic ˈcling:ˈlaundry-ˈis-a-ˈblur-of-ˈstatic-ˈcling/
#3 ecard

6/17/19: Trix is for kids:
#1 texty political meme

7/8/19: Count of Denmark:
#2 texty with a mishearing in Spanish

7/30/19 (posted 8/1): The opossum joke:
#2 texty with dad joke

2/26/20: A priest, a rabbit, and a minister:
#1 texty combining a Walk Into Bar joke with a fantasist painting

9/7/20: The post-celebratory day:
Jacquie Lawson animated ecards

9/25/20: The library hookers and booze joke:
the joke, and its texty version

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