Anaphoric islands

*Postings on anaphoric islands:

AZ,10/20/07: More fun with VPE:
history of the Anaphoric Island Constraint

10/16/09: Ellipsis on an island:
“They cleared me for practice that Thursday. I probably shouldn’t have.”

4/23/11: Porn name up for grabs:
“Tony Buff (who is both buff and in the buff) and Brandon Bangs (who does)”

4/17/12: Anaphora in the park:
“If your DOG / does a POO / Please put it / In a litter bin.”

7/21/12: The sound in your head:
reference to: Ward, Gregory; Richard Sproat; & Gail McKoon. 1991. A pragmatic analysis of so-called anaphoric islands. Lg 67.3.439-74.

8/11/12: Proper anaphoric islands:
“the U.S.S. Wisconsin – which just happens to be Ryan’s home state”

5/12/15: Anaphora “into” the word French:
“And French poets, of whom I published a volume of translations last year. Had I not received a Fulbright and gone to live there for some years…”

5/27/15: Double anaphoric difficulties:
“Despite being one of the world’s leading oil producers, Nigerians have lined up miserably at gas stations”

5/9/16: Escorts, rentboys, male hustlers:
“I never escorted nor hired one”

5/18/16: VPEway over the line:
relation of VPE exx. to anaphoric islands

8/20/18: Anaphora into proper names:
““Margaritaville” was playing over the sound system, so she ordered one.”
proper anaphoric islands as puns

12/11/18: Smoke from an island:
analysis of “I don’t think that non-smokers should have to put up with people who do”; announcement of a Page of examples

12/12/18: Prosthetics on an anaphoric island:
analysis of a complex playful example from the Economist

1/18/19: Playful anaphoric islanding:
playful example

6/14/20: Annals of the AIC: the African American vote:
example from Ali Velshi on MSNBC

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