Homosexuality postings

*postings on homosexuality and anti-homosexuality; gay life; the gay voice; gay slang; labels for lgbt people; insults and slurs

for postings on gay sexual practices, sex toys, etc. and their names, see the Page on Language of Sex:

for postings on anti-gay slurs, see section 3 of the Slurs list:


“The Other F Word”, in Out magazine, April 2003

2003 handout on the gay voice:

The handout for my presentation “Name that porn star” at the January 2005 meeting of the American Name Society

The handout for my presentation “Ideal types: peacocks, chameleons, and centaurs” at the March 2005 SemFest (on categorization in general, and categorization of gay men in particular)

The handout for my 2011 SemFest talk, “Categories and Labels: LGBPPTQQQEIOAAAF2/SGL …”, on labels in the domain of sexuality / sexual orientation, gender / sexual identity, and sexual practices, as used to construct an initialism for the entire domain

AZ, 7/4/06: Avoiding the other F-word:
baseball manager Ozzie Guillen on sportswriter Jay Mariotti: “What a piece of shit he is, fucking fag”

AZ, 1/23/07: On the offensive language beat: Use vs. mention, avoidance:
Isaiah Washington on Grey’s Anatomy co-star T.R. Knight and the word faggot

AZ, 9/12/08: Lisping on the elevator:
on the gay voice

AZ, 10/17/09: Rude word:
on twinks and other gay male “types”

11/8/09: Cheese or font? The sequel:
Gay or Eurotrash?

6/17/10: Late spring 2003:
among other things: Out magazine piece, XXX-rated collage show

6/27/10: That’s so gay:
Pansy Division

7/14/10: Dolls and action figures:
Billy gay dolls (and Carlos and Tyson); Japanese figma figures, including one of gay pornstar Billy Herrington

7/15/10: Ken ‘n’ Joe: an item?:
twink Ken (of Barbie’s circle), butch GI Joe

7/15/10: On the run in 1972-74:
Mick Jagger flirting with/taunting faggotry

7/19/10: The Truly Huge:
Act II: Dan Savage and the Truly Huge (on Brad the Bodybuilder)

7/27/10: Collage essays: from concealment to display:
in connection with 2005 exhibition of XXX-rated collages at the Stanford Humanities Center

8/24/10: Writing like a fag:
gay male writing style

8/28/10: Pansies:
slur ‘faggot’

11/12/10: Spear/Smear the Queer:
the kids’ game

11/20/10: Bullying and rage:
Jake Shears, bullied, told that being gay is a private matter

12/10/10: Beating masculinity into the boy:
to avert homosexuality

1/23/11: The alphabet soup of sexuality and gender:

2/11/11: SemFest 12!:
Categories and Labels: LGBPPTQQQEIOAAAF2/SGL …

2/23/11: Scapegoats:
gays as scapegoats

4/13/11: Were the World Mine:
gay musical movie

5/1/11: -sauruses:
fagasaurus, gayosaurus, homosaurus, queerosaurus, pansysaurus

5/25/11: Scent and masculinity:
masculine scents, feminine scents; Details magazine (for metrosexuals and gay men)

6/26/11: Cultural celebrations:
Gay Pride events

1/25/12: The geek voice?:

1/31/12: fag food:
Fagolosi breadsticks, fagottini pasta (and fagotto ‘bassoon’)

2/28/12: Trendsetting:
the gay voice and young women’s speech

4/16/12: Lexicon Valley:
podcast, including one on The development of faggot as a slur against male homosexuals, with commentary by Arnold Zwicky

5/3/12: flaming:
the adjective as applied to gay men

5/21/12: The queering of the metrosexual:
metrosexual as a slur on masculinity (via its association with homosexuality); retrosexual

5/22/12: Geek days:
on the geek voice and the gay voice

7/5/12: That’s so gay!:

8/10/12: Hate:
on homophobia

1/13/13: Putting the man in manicure:
manicures as for women and “feminized” men (gays, metrosexuals)

4/8/13: fag bag:
in a variety of senses

4/22/13: Gay greens: the Big Two:
arugula, radicchio

6/27/14: queens:
uses of queen

12/8/14: Inversion:
label invert etc.

5/16/15: Light in the loafers:

6/11/15: Do I Sound Gay?:
on the Gay Voice

10/27/15: A quandary:
on being gay as a “private matter”; view that lgb people should be closeted

12/19/15: X queen:
on X queen snowclonelets

1/2/16: The news for urinals:
homophobia in the bathroom; straight men anxious about gay men in restrooms, locker rooms, showers

1/12/16: The wages of heteronormativity:

1/27/16: Bruce Bruce Bruce:
slang poofter; Bruce as a gay name

1/28/16: Lower bangs higher:
man-man sex involving lower and higher (in class, social status, race/ethnicity/nationality)

1/28/16: Dean Phoenix, Dirk Yates, and curvature:
attitudes of gay men towards straight men

1/29/16: Language and sexuality:
announcement of Levon and Mendes, Language, Sexuality, and Power

1/30/16: Queen for a King:
gayborhoods; gay slang: basket etc., gay uses of queen

2/2/16: The prissy voice:
in the Great Gazoo, Dr. Zachary Smith in Lost in Space, film sissies

2/4/16: be gay/queer for:
with sexual element bleached

2/4/16: downe:
young men for young men in certain Asian groups (especially in Northern California)

2/5/16: homophobia:

2/16/16: Loving coules:
same-sex couples confronting gender conventions: embracing them, abandoning them, fragmenting them

2/17/16: A passion for pickles:
pickle ‘penis’ in gay slang and gay slurs

2/21/16: Getting Go:
gay-themed dramatic (and romantic) movie, involving a couple who are both physically and temperamentally contrasting; gay heteronormativity

3/1/16: News of the sexuality front: the Jocktion Marketplace:
site offering used sports gear for sale to gay men; diverse codings of masculinity in the sellers

3/2/16: gaysex, mansex:
labels for sexual acts between men

3/4/16: Trent Atkins, a great bottom;
ordering/demanding a fuck vs. asking/begging for one; sexual personas, in porn and real life

3/5/16: xmosexual:
SRS on presentations of sexual personas, as bromosexual, promosexual, normosexual; recogmosexual, unrecogmosexual

3/12/16: Fruit loops:
class-related dress practices (the Ivy League shirt, etc.); reactions to these as gay

3/18/16: Late for St. Patrick’s:
various presentations of sexual personas, notably by gay pornstar Harley Everett

3/20/16: Rainbow Peeps:
presentations of gay people in celebrations

4/22/16: Morning name: ivermectin:
public knowledge but sexual secrecy

4/22/16: More on open secrecy:

4/24/16: Donelan:
gay male life of the 70s and 80s as depicted in Donelan’s cartoons

6/1/16: Nefarious morning name:
nefarious as applied to sodomy

6/2/16: Cartoony days:
“regular” vs. “flagrant” gays

6/11/16: Schmitts Gay Beer:
SNL skit with gay fantasy

6/21/16: Frank Viva:
New Yorker cover with men kissing

7/22/16: queer:
queer vs. gay, inter alia

8/7/16: Ianto Jones:
two types of male-male love: for men in general, for one particular man

8/25/16: November 25th, 2016:
#2 Haefeli cartoon with same-sex couple and their daughter

9/16/16: Going all the way gay with the X-Men:
gay porn video parodying X-Men movies; Iceman as gay; mutants as analogues of lgbt people

11/15/16: The agony of homophobia:
homophobia and vocabulary for it

12/3/16: Camping it up:
camp; camping it up; nelly men; to drop one’s beads, pearls, hatpins

12/24/16: This year’s most puzzling Christmas card:
the Clone; the cruise of death

12/26/16: Chocolate Santa, and more:
drag; drag kings, drag queens

12/31/16: Surrealists, but especially Jess:
Jess and poet Robert Duncan and their openness and activism

1/2/17: Queens & Cowboys:
gay rodeos

1/5/17: Gay men on the new subway walls:
public displays of affection

1/8/17: The highly evolved fashion sense of faggots:
gay men as fashionable; Versace

1/18/17: From MeatMarket.com:
male prostitution

1/27/17: A kiss is just a kiss:
gay vs. straight, MSMs

2/2/17: QaF and its men:
the gay milieu of US Queer as Folk, gay male and lesbian cultures, gay clubs

2/10/17: Annals of adorable:
kissing; nelly men; pleasantly gay men; straight-acting men, regular guys, NMGs, normative masculinity, macho gays, better half

2/14/17: One more VDay posting:
line between gay and straight

2/16/17: Flagrant figures:
the Clone type

2/17/17: dying:
Liberace’s homosexuality

2/22/17: Playing for laughs:
“prissy” type of gay man; camping it up, campiness

2/25/17: The way we were:
on Rufus Gifford, former US ambassador to Denmark, openly gay and passionately activist

3/4/17: On the day:
Sydney Mardi Gras

3/24/17: The invention of the X job:
mansex between straight men; negotiating sex only non-verbally

3/26/17: On the boulevard of broken dreams with Kip Noll:
the gay twink as a type; gay villages; cruising; gay strip clubs

3/27/17: JoBroButts, Hills Bros. coffee, and gaybros:
stereotypes of masculinity vs. stereotypes of queerness

3/27/17: Members Only: two moments:
recognizably gay face

3/29/17: Another phenomenally bad idea:
cocksucking as a way of life, a mission

3/29/17: Three:
on-screen male-male kiss; three-ways

3/31/17: He bloomed in March:
bandanna code

4/4/17: Quick, Bruce, the blat!:
Bruce as a gay name; homosexuality and superheroes, homosexuality and vampires

4/16/17: Out gay male bands:
presentations of self, incl. genderqueer (vs. trans)

4/21/17: Seahorse on a stick, GBF, and the Describe-A-Muffin Task:
Gay Best Friend

4/26/17: Saint Phalle:
Genet’s worship of phallic masculinity

4/30/17: The Gay Sisters:
gay in several senses

5/2/17: To Be Young, Gay, and Chinese-American
homosexuality and family in the poetry of Chen Chen

5/2/17: Semiotics of dress: the Age of High Gay:
gay “types”; swish and macho gays

5/4/17: Closets:
in the closet: Dominick Dunne, James Beard; critique of the closet

5/5/17: Four Days in May:
race/ethnicity and class in gay porn; pushy bottoms

5/11/17: Homophilatelic days:
same-sex marriage in Canada

5/23/17: “Farley”, the dog said, “get me a slice”:
bisexuality (and Farley Granger), partner

5/30/17: Puzzles, castles, and cake:
the sexuality of King Ludwig of Bavaria

6/12/17: On the fierce fenininity of drag queens:
drag queens; gay voice; “feminine” personas

6/19/17: The thumbnail image, rainbows, and Pride:
Pride parades, Pride stickers

6/25/17: Animated cartoons, fan art, same-sex love:
same-sex couples in tv programs for kids

6/26/17: Put a sock on it in parade season:
pride parades; drag

6/30/17: In the dunes, in the dunes:
gay resorts: Fire Island

7/6/17: Coconuts and Trumpets:
gay bars and restaurants; motss.cons

7/6/17: Chast, Haefeli, Kaplan:
gay couples, adoption

7/15/17: Wonder Bears!:
bear culture, drag

7/27/17: Musical synchronicity:
bisexuality etc.

7/30/17: The queer quilt:
LGBT organizations; Harry Hay

8/7/17: Young love:
young love

8/11/17: Billy the Berlin Barboy:
gay dolls

8/27/17: Revisiting 6: Fire Island Pines:
cruising and partying in Fire Island Pines, 1975-83

8/30/17: The Fountain of Angels in America:
the Ramble in Central Park; AIDS

9/5/17: Obsolescent technologies and middle verbs:
gay bars; Greek alluding to anal intercourse

9/6/17: Birthday notes:

9/23/17: Bear chairs:
gay bears; the bear pride flag, the leather pride flag

10/3/17: Doorman of the underworld:
locales for secret mansex

10/5.17: He opened his mouth:
gay voice and other evidences of fagginess

10/16/17: Revisiting 8: Rod Canyon
porn names, drag names; P&A (penis and anus) material; lesbian kiss

10/29/17: March of the rainbow mixers:
HRC (Human Rights Campaign)

12/6/17: 100 years of independence:
life in the closet: Tom of Finland

12/28/17: Bromance for Biffs:
straight-straight, gay-gay, and gay-straight bromances

2/23/18: Lexical adventures in the Sacred Harp:
vice and sin; homosexuality (and masturbation, fornication, pornography) as a grave sin

2/27/18: In service to Erebus:
the secret subterranean world of mansex

2/28/18: Ballet Down the Highway:
gayporntypes, the tropes of gay porn; masculinity indexes

3/5/18: Fingering:
emotional configuration of fingerwork (and rimming), as aggressive dominance or as service providing pleasure

3/5/18: fingerwork:
regular blog discussion of this

3/16/18: Extended 69:
oragenital acts as characteristically same-sex; emotional pleasures of various sex acts; mutuality

3/20/18: Perfectionist in pink sequin:
circuit parties; the slur pansy

3/23/18: Gayupid’s Arrow: We are everywhere, and now you are too:
paranoid fantasies: that homosexuals target Christians for persecution, that gay men are predatorily attracted to straight men

3/30/18: Pride Time #5: On Barceloneta beach:
gay places and celebrations

3/30/18: Deviant Passover rites:
lgbt Haggadot; Sederlicious parties in NYC

4/1/18: Jewish gay men:
gay icons (Eliad Cohen); racial/ethnic preferences in partners

4/9/18: The gay world of Yvon Goulet:
gay villages

4/12/18: Green wieners:

4/17/18: Cuppy and his cub:
bandanna codes; drag names; bears and cubs

4/20/18: The rainbow beard:
drag shows, drag names

4/25/18: At the t-room urinals:
the social practices of t-rooms, especially at the urinals

4/26/18: Unsavory moments on AZBlogX:
the social practices of gay piss play

5/4/18: Stuff your furry friend:
bear culture

5/12/18: For Mothers Day:
daddy, muscle daddy

5/12/18: Beat Me, Daddy, Eight to the Bar:
daddies and bois: social roles, “types”, identities; subcultures; social relationships

5/13/18: Gay butterflies:
butterflies as symbols of fragility, femininity, effeminacy; flamboyance; fickleness; coming out

5/17/18: Deshagged and pedicured:
roles in anal intercourse

5/18/18: Whathave you done with your life? The LGBT department.:
my contributions to the lgbt world, via institutions and organizations, via speaking out publicly

5/24/18: Today’s misreading: piano bars behind bars:
piano bars, gay bars

5/27/18: A-lists and B-lists:
A-gays (as a “type”)

5/30/18: Punks
on the DL, MSM

5/31/18: Dramatic exits:
drama queens making dramatic exits

6/2/18: Annals of gangbanging: Anonymous in Brooklyn:
the mansexual marketplace, sex clubs

6/6/18: Now We Are Nine, a Journey to the East:
gay men and race, ethnicity, nationality, religion

6/11/18: Purple Pride:
purple flowers for Pride

6/13/18: The Calvin Klein pentachromatic neon rainbow:
various Pride flags

6/23/18: Four things for Pride
lgbt+ and Pride symbols and slogans

6/25/18: Midsummer cartoons:
Pride events

6/27/18: More Pride events:
Pride events

7/19/18: Get your cruise faqce on:
cruising for sex in public

7/27/18: Are You My Bottom?:
top or bottom

8/1/18: Men for me, and perilous translation:
on the construction and display of male heterosexuality

8/3/18: The rainbow pillars of Montréal:
gay life: gay villages (the Gay Village of Montréal); gay establishments (resorts, bars, dance clubs, strip clubs, bathhouses); soc.motss and motss.cons

8/4/18: Creams:
gay bars and their names

8/5/18: Toga, togae, togae!:
gay bars

8/8/18: The Gay Vilage, Swiss Chalet, poutine:
Montreal’s Gay Village

8/9/18: Dix-huit nuances de gai:
Montreal’s Gay Village and public art there

8/10/18: Les poutineurs de Montréal:

8/16/18: Rainbow. Sharks. Rainbow sharks.:
#7 same-sex sexual relations in dolphins

8/27/18: The Three Marcos, the Three Marcusites:
doing drag

11/3/18: News for penises: the Halloween gay porn report
associations between homosexuality and Halloween, between vampires and homosexuality

11/17/18: Teddy Bears’ Picnic Day:

12/8/18: News for bears: cities of bears:
bears; movie BearCity and its sequels

12/14/18: Appearances:
physique magazines; Like With Like in the gay male world

12/22/18: Festoonists:
gay holidays; the slur fairy

1/28/19: Phil comes out:
coming out

1/30/19: Hugo Simberg:
homosexual artists; the homosexual gaze; focus on boys and young men

2/14/19: Revisiting 26: LGBT etc. etc.:
The Gay & Lesbian Review on naming the broad domain of sexuality, identity, and practices

2/15/19: Be more Michael B. Jordan:
clothing conveying masculinity and homosexuality

3/8/19: Vasodilation:
poppers in the gay social milieu

3/23/19:Consumer advocacy in Florida:
openly gay holders of positions and statuses; presentations of self; queer melanin magic

4/2/19: Moon shorts 1a: Cosmé McMoon:
top/bottom, preppy gay man, lipstick lesbian, dyke, daddy

4/4/19: Ed (the) Ped:
catchphrase we are everywhere

4/6/19: The trail mixer:
gay mixers; gay circuit parties

4/16/19: She got pinched in the As… tor Bar:
gay bars, esp. the Astor Bar in NYC

4/18/19: Le Pingouin aux Parapluies Roses:
pink as a gay color

4/24/19: A Ceci disavowal:
lgbt literary festivals

4/28/19: All ˈlaundry ˈis a ˈblur of ˈstatic ˈcling:
gay frivolity

5/11/19: The dragons of Homoland:
gay symbols; gay porn fiction

5/20/19: Annals of fruity goodness: the strawberry file:
gay as presentation of self vs. gay as sexual desire

5/25/19: High 5 from a bison:
collectors / numbers men in mansex, both insertive and receptive

5/26/19: Follow-up: John Rechy:
identities and terms for them

6/5/19: Pride month in Antarctica:
SHARKS cartoon with a same-sex wedding

6/11/19: Come frolic and cavort in the water:
artist Keith Vaughan’s edgy relationship to his homosexuality

6/16/19: On this day in 2019:
gay for Fathers Day: father-son sex, daddy-boy relationships, muscle daddies

6/18/19: Portraits of Frank O’Hara:
complex romantic relationship between Frank O’Hara and Larry Rivers

6/21/19: Mickey gets stuffed for Pride:
attitudes towards homosexuality

6/24/19: On your knees for St, George:
mansex in public places; its regulation

6/28/19: Some of us are gay:
three gay slogans: Some people are gay / Get over it; We are everywhere / We’re here / We’re queer / Get used it it

7/11/19: Three Pride moments:
passing as straight; term for gay man who passes as straight (passer not used; avocado suggested on UD)

7/16/19: Singout at the CA chorale:
the newsgroup soc.motss and its Facebook successor

8/21/19: motss.con XXXII in Palo Alto:
the 2019 gathering of the net community soc.motss / soc-motss

8/24/19: GG on an August morning:
a motss.con event: a visit to Gamble Garden

8/25/19: Exception-triggered alternation:
the gay baths, specifically in NYC in the 1970s: Club Baths, Continental Baths

8/28/19: Annals of category labels: food from a hole in the ground:
the gay baths: Eros in San Francisco

9/7/19: Big sexy prime birthday gay ice cream:
Big Gay Al as stereotypical homosexual man

9/11/19: Giovanni in Ferragamo:
femmes / sissies / etc.: Hilton Als

9/12/19: BOY Party!:
boy in the gay context; gay boy parties of several sorts

9/14/19: Clavicular knobs:
Scruff, a hookup site for men

9/17/19: The amazing talking pirate:
sodomy and the pirate tradition; three-ways

9/24/19: In the cowboys’ locker room:

9/28/19: Gender notes: transgender fashion models:
homosexual, transgender, masculine, effeminate

9/29/19: Musclemen from Mars:
physique magazines

10/1/19: Up to the line, and sometimes over:
cruising for sex

10/3/19: Pat-SU fuck: new visions:
language in gay porn; dirty sex talk

10/5/19: A man, his hands, his pants:
cruising for sex

10/12/19: Butch fagginess, take 3:
high-macho + high-gay displays

10/14/19: Space Candy:
high-macho + high-gay displays; jockstrap parties

10/16/19: Adventures in homomasculinity: the pink jock:
homomasculine identities; sissyhood

10/23/19: OUTiL: a historical note:
organizations: OUTiL, soc.motss, Lavender Languages/Linguistics, Queer Linguist(ic)s Network, LSA’s COZIL

11/2/19: Gaysper:
LGBT symbols, including Gaysper the gay ghost

11/7/19: Butch cooks with a little butch truck:
language of sexuality; butch/femme

11/14/19: Chart pie:
Pew LGBT survey: chart of trans, lesbian, gay male, female bisexual, male bisexual categories

11/17/19: A hell of a queen:
drag queens; Adore Delano

11/20/19: A regular festival of ambiguity:
homomasculine types; fag and its uses and alternatives

11/28/19: All thanks to HomoEros:

11/30/19: Kind Hearts and Coronets:
artifice as characteristic of gay and bisexual men

12/19/19: Zeitgeisty:
gay life

1/28/20: Humongous tops Adonis:
M4M; strip clubs

2/7/20: The BSDR files:
coming out and being out in academia

2/10/20: Basil Ratburn:
gay gym rats

2/18/20: Saluting the presidents:
gay porn personas

2/20/20: love nest:
gay love nests, gay love hotels and motels, sexually democratic gay porn

2/25/20: Timothy and Agrimony:
gay types: twink, bitter old queen; resonances of different positions for mansex 69

2/28/20: A clean t-room is a *happy* t-room:
t-rooms as social worlds governed by (sub)cultural norms

3/7/20: Tragedies of the pandemic:
gay types: the bitchy queen

3/11/20: Schwinger outet sich als schwul:
coming out; German vocabulary

3/22/20: coronteaus:
circuit parties

5/5/20: Play me, Sam:
butch fagginess

5/17/20: Division of labor:
division of roles

5/20/20: Balloon quotes:
Michael James Schneider’s writing (and photography) about being gay/queer

5/22/20: The Age of Anxiety:
gay couples; fag-bashing

5/27/20: Happy Memorial Day:
the lure of military men

6/1/20: Aradesque?:
roles in mansex

6/7/20: Pride faces:
body types and roles in mansex

6/23/20: For Alan Turing:
Turing’s sufferings for his homosexuality

6/29/20: Spilled his seed on the ground:
attitudes towards masturbation; masturbation in gay social life

7/10/20: Hiding homosexuality: JCL;
J.C. Leyendecker’s illustrations dripping with scarcely concealed homoeroticism

7/17/20: Buttocks display
the male buttocks as objects of sexual desire

7/18/20: Buttocks IV: cake(s) and ale:
life in the closet; open secrecy

8/1/20: Switzerland at your service:
sexual massage for gay men

8/16/20: The three Ds: debased, degraded, and decaden:
dildos, casual sex

9/1/20: The brokini:
casual sex

9/7/20: Le Male, the men’s fragrance:
homoeroticism; drag and camp; sailors and sodomy

9/19/20: Marrow among the courgettes:
gay playfulness; Kenneth Williams and gay shame

9/23/20: Great progress, grave threat:
acceptance of lgbt people, threats of demonization

9/23/20: Feeling more one-headed:
effeminacy, fagginess, gay presentations of self, masculinity

10/22/20: humongous:
cruising and its customers

3/1/21: Fired up for the grand finale:
gay circuit parties

3/2/21: The lost years for LGBT seniors:
senior housing, the closet, coming out

3/13/21: Pornstars do this so you don’t have to:
types: twinks; bottoms, tops

3/17/21: Casual Outings:
notable lgb people, the closet, outing

3/19/21: Personas and poses:
the queer-straight scale, the fem-butch scale; presentations of self

3/30/21: Johnny Rapid evolves:
daddy / boy, twink as a sociocultural type, bottom / top; porn personas

5/3/21: With knitted brows:
roles in anal sex: bottom, versatile bottom, etc.

5/11/21: Revelatory masks:
sexual preferences and identities

5/20/21: Fun fetishwear:
fetishes and kinks; harnesses; sexual practices, sexual identities, sexual subcultures

7/28/21: Today’s garment faggotry:
slur faggot and its usage

7/31/21: It was thirty years ago:
OUT in Linguistics

8/1/21: A bit of Climo and a peek at Farazmand:
#2 an old gay joke

8/9/21: Gail Rubin:
Gayle Rubin’s writings on homosexuality

8/27/21: Annals of phallicity: the Bezos rocket:
childhood feelings of same-sex attraction

9/22/21: Fireworks! Bang!:
being a gay role model; gay organizations and institutions

9/27/21: Carnival for catamites:
homomasculinities; gay male effeminacy

2/8/22: A sensitive young man:
associations of artistic sensitivity, “sensitive” faces in men, femininity, and homosexuality

2/17/22: Vincent Price and his sushi at the Boulevard:
the world of MMS (male-male sexuality) and its enormous diversity

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