Speech balloons

*postings on speech/word balloons/bubbles in cartoons

12/30/10 Speech balloons:
capsule history of speech balloons in cartoons

6/3/12 Balloons:
smoke signals as analogies of speech balloons

1/11/13 Realism plus:
where are the speech balloons in fine art?

10/8/13 Speech balloons in Dingburg:

The strip treats word balloons as physical objects, revealing the thoughts of whoever holds it.

9/17/14 Smoke signals:
smoke signals as analogues of speech balloons

12/23/14 Metatext in the comics:

Single-panel cartoons often have captions, inside quotation marks, instead of speech balloons, showing what a character is saying. In particular, this is New Yorker style. Not really metatext, but a piece of text that happens to be located outside the main image.

2/13/16: Word play for the weekend:
#2: MGG with a play on balloons and speech balloons in the comics

3/12/16 Mayan comics and alliterative music:

a 2/16/16 BBC story by David Robson, “Did the Maya create the first ‘comics’?: Long before Bugs Bunny came along, a cheeky rabbit terrorised Mayan gods. With speech bubbles, stink lines and naughty jokes, they are uncannily similar to today’s graphic novels”

1/21/17: Word balloons:
word/speech balloons/bubbles and their history

6/20/17: The terrible truth about bubble wrap:
#2 MGG on speech bubbles; connected to #1 DatorBubbleWrap.jpg, Joe Dator New Yorker cartoon on bubble wrap

7/4/17: Vlad the Employer:
#4 Ginger Meggs cartoon in which speech bubble covers up objects in the depicted world

8/25/17: Speaking, writing, bubbles:

When Grimm speaks in a cartoon bubble, what he says appears in printed English — because, after all, a cartoon bubble (aka speech bubble) is piece of visual representation. Consequently, his speech is spelled, and is therefore subject to misspelling.

1/28/18: Four more recent cartoons:
speech bubbles/balloons in #2

5/14/18: Air spelling:
meta: characters’ awareness of the text in speech balloons

3/30/19: How to use your balloons:
speech/word balloons, meta cartoons, self-reference

8/2/19: Never go out without a speech balloon:

4/22/21: Baxter on language:
#4 Glen Baxter cartoon with empty speech balloon

5/22/21: Up, up and away:
Pearls Before Swine strip:

The … cartoon is one of a species in which speech balloons are treated as physical objects in the characters’ context, objects that contain the words the characters say, words that the characters can see and read … — and simultaneously are treated as lighter-than-air flotation devices that will rise in the air and carry objects with them.

11/12/22: Hold on to the bubble …:
MGG strip with speech and thought bubbloons as physical objects, with words in them

11/14/22:Editing bubbloons in Zits:
two Zits strips in which Jeremy and his mother edit material in each other’s bubbloons

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