Barsotti cartoons

by Charles Barsotti


5/22/09: For Memorial Day: the cookout:

For Memorial Day: the cookout

Charles Barsotti

1/14/14: New Yorker cartoons:
Charles Barsotti, Roz Chast, Chon Day, Bruce Eric Kaplan (BEK)
Barsotti: Fusili cartoon; brief writeup

6/22/14: Charles Barsotti:
Barsotti obit

12/11/15: Barsotti dogs, plus:
5 dog cartoons, plus a snail and an alligator

1/20/16: Five from Barsotti:

8/15/16: Gross and flying penguins, Barsotti and flying squirrels:
3 Barsotti cartoons

9/22/18: therapist dog, dog therapist:
#2, 5, 6

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