Angle and curvature

On the angle of incidence and curvature of penises

1/9/13: Cockature:
Jesse Jackman’s notably downcurved cock; other curvatures

1/10/13: The Ken Ryker files:
Ken Ryker’s long, thick, and notably downangled cock

9/21/15: The angle of your erection:

9/21/15: Be upstanding:
on angle of incidence

10/7/15: Angle and curvature, again:

10/13/15: More angle and curvature:

11/28/15: You go your way and I’ll go mine:
upcurving cock paired with downcurving

11/28/15: Annals of curvature:

1/26/16: Dean Phoenix in disguise:
downcurved cock: in Dirk Yates’s God Was I Drunk (2013); and in Crew (2000) and with Tyler Scott in a 2011 video

2/14/17: One more VDay posting:
Steam Room Stories: right, left, down, up, plus the fanciful Pretzel Penis

3/6/19: Collagen days:
Peyronie’s Disease, congenital curvature

12/21/19: Surprise! Vadim’s gay alphabet:
Vadim Temkin’s sexy gay alphabet images: with downcurved and upcurved cocks

12/24/19: Hung with care:
Vadim’s alphabet on AZBlog: downcurved and upcurved cocks

5/21/20: Cock run amok:
Falcon Studio’s Bro Buddies: cocks angled up, out, and down

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