Annals of curvature

(About men’s bodies, not much about language.)

Item 1: posted on AZBlogX today, “You go your way and I’ll go mine”, with a sexy, sweet, and (I think) funny photo of two men in bed: one with a notably upcurved penis, the other with a notably downcurved one.

Item 2: a link to the XBlog posting has been added to the “Angle and curvature” Page under the larger XWriting page (which has essays from my XBlog or about XBlog materials).

Item 3: a listing of postings about the gay pornstar Ken Ryker, with a penis that is not only famously large but also downcurved

11/30/10: Phallicity: Falcon SuperCocks:
Tom Chase, Ken Ryker, Eric Hanson, Jeremy Penn
[Pornstar dildos. Note: In the photo of Ryker, his penis is strongly downcurved, but the dildo is (ahem) straight as an arrow. Well, silicone-rubber dildos aren’t nearly as flexible and adaptable as actual penises.]

12/24/12: Hammond organs:
Steve Hammond, Jeff Hammond; mention of ubermanly gay pornstars — Mike Branson, Ken Ryker, Steve Hammond, Ryan Idol, Jeff Stryker, Rex Chandler – and frankly hungry bottoms like Joey Stefano, Kevin Williams, Kevin Wiles, Tag Adams

1/10/13: The Ken Ryker files:
Ryker showing off his penis in Renegade

1/12/13: A matter of size:
on penis size, with extensive discussion of Ken Ryker

3/13/14: Today’s hunk:
Ken Ryker (photo from Jonathan Black, Idols)

10/13/14: traps:
on the trapezius muscles, with two photos of Ken Ryker’s

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