James Thurber cartoons

cartoons and drawings by Thurber, in various places


AZ, 12/16/07: What have you done with God’s ear?

11/1/11: David Fenton:
[http: //arnoldzwicky.wordpress.com/2011/11/03/david-fenton/]
James Thurber, the cast-iron lawn dog

ML, 4/17/12: Pulling out … a plum:
Thurber cartoon in comment

AZ, 7/30/12: Thurber and the sexes: the cartoons:

7/11/12: Thurber cartoons:

7/29/!3: Marc Simont (and James Thurber):
with an appreciation of The Thirteen Clocks

5/26/16: Thurber the illustrator:
items from the Library of America volume on Thurber

1/19/20: An infestation:
#2 cats and mice

3/15/21: lookit, looky:

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