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The handout for my 2001 SemFest talk on “Counting Chad”, on the count/mass distinction in English, with special reference to chad, e-mail/email, and ice plant. On the grammatical categories C, M, SG, PL, E, and I.

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AZ, 12/8/06: Plural, mass, collective:

AZ, 8/18/08: Countification:


AZ, 10/27/08: Zero relationships:

Zero relationships

M>C and C>M conversions

9/27/09: More sexual back-formations:

More sexual back-formations


8/10/10: Entheta:


M and PL

12/13/10: Porn hypallage and sex-part conversion:

Porn hypallage and sex-part conversion

1/28/11: C/M:


the Universal Grinder; functional collectives

2/21/11: More on C/M:

More on C/M

4/20/11: C > M conversion in the popular media:

C > M conversion in the popular media

sex-part (or body-part) conversion

5/26/11: Loinfruit:


fruit as C and M

9/19/11: software development:

software development

software; countification

6/3/12: On the masculinity beat:

On the masculinity beat

the M noun product

4/13/13: Manliness and money:

Manliness and money

synonyms for money, both C and M

5/16/13: Manwich and Beefaroni as portmanteaus:

Manwich and Beefaroni as portmanteaus


7/20/13: Respecting each other:

Respecting each other

less vs. fewer

7/26/13: ‘male anus viewed as a sexual organ’:

‘male anus viewed as a sexual organ’

sex-part conversion: pussy

8/10/15: data:


PHD Comic on data

9/15/15: Substance massification on the golf course:

Substance massification on the golf course

metonymic C>M conversions, particularly substance massification in enough club

10/18/15: Mornings and mangelwurzels:

Mornings and mangelwurzels

C beet and M beetroot

10/22/15: Bread play:

Bread play

M>C conversion of sourdough: family/clan name?

11/6/15: crap(s) game:

crap(s) game

names of games are M

3/13/17: Technical terms:

Technical terms


5/16/17: ice plants:

ice plants

5/19/17: Special counsel appointed:

Special counsel appointed

M macaroni, C elbow

5/20/17: Squid Pro Quo:

Squid Pro Quo

calimari, M or C

10/12/17: Pizza Boy outtakes:

Pizza Boy outtakes

non-standard underwear as PL C (unmarked PL and PL-only)

10/20/17: A processed food flavor:

A processed food flavor

C and M spice

1/12/18: STIR FRYS:


stir-fry as C or M

6/28/18: Just a hijink:

Just a hijink

class of hijinks, antics etc.

11/25/18: What do you have?:

What do you have?

disease names as M or C

12/13/18: Give head for Christmas:

Give Head for Christmas!

sex-part conversion

5/21/19: homeworks:


homework as C as well as M

5/29/19: On the dog food watch:

On the dog food watch

kibble as C as well as M

6/9/19: Lemon is the vanilla of Italian ices:

Lemon is the vanilla of Italian ices

C uses of ice

5/7/20: Minnesota hotdish:

Minnesota hotdish

M hotdish vs. C casserole

10/15/20: cubeb:


cubeb largely M, but C in sense ‘cubeb cigarette’

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