Cruising for sex

Cruising for sex

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9/23/09: Lifting shirts:

Lifting shirts

there’s a homoerotic practice that does involve lifting shirts — the torso display that we started with. I have even seen this sort of shirt-lifting used as an invitation to sex, in men cruising rather aggressively, using the exposure of their torso as a hint of what else they might make available; in particular, they’re advertising for someone to suck their cock. I don’t think it’s all that common, but I’ve seen it, and it’s a possible path to the ‘male homosexual’ senses of the compounds.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen shirt-lifting-in-back used in a similar way in cruising, as an advertisement for someone to fuck you.

1/4/11: Cruisin’: Men on the Make: b/t:
on the gay porn flick

7/30/11: X of death, killer X:

X of death, killer X

gay cartoon with The Cruise of Death

9/10/11: Keeping clean:

Keeping clean

pulp fiction by Lance Lester: Cruising Horny Corners, first unamended and then turned into one of my collages

12/1/12: Ab-vengers:


Superheroes standing and posing, cruising for tricks the way men do at some gay bars.

12/9/12: Coming back to life:

Coming back to life

in the larger sexual world of gay men, jacking off plays a whole series of roles. In cruising for casual sex, jacking off (slowly and intently) works as an offer of  your dick to other men, a lure for everything else that mght come…

1/22/13: Porn / art:

Porn / art

Mustang Studios’ Cruising Grounds (2009)

8/4/13: Gang showers:

Gang showers

Guys being naked together (especially in showers or locker rooms) sets up a potential context for men to cruise men — a potential that’s sometimes realized in life and is massively realized in gay visual materials.

8/20/13: Five television hunks:

Five television hunks

#7: Wincest (Winchester incest) fan art in which characters Sam and Dean Winchester cruise together

9/17/15: The steely cuise of the Voltron Blaster:

The steely cruise of the Voltron Blaster

#1 and #2: penetrating cruise gazes from underwear models

11/5/15: On the cellblock, in the dugout, on an ambush:

On the cellblock, in the dugout, at an ambush

CellBlock 13 jockstraps, both ordinary jocks and “cruising jocks”

12/25/15: Pockets in his trunks:

Pockets in his trunks

The gay hanky code has been ridiculously elaborated from the high days of bar and street cruising, when navy blue (fucking), light blue (cocksucking), black (S&M), red (fistfucking), yellow (piss), white (jacking off), and maybe a few others were widely understood as signals of what you were looking for in a sex partner. Now one site lists a ton of colors, subtly distinguished

1/4/16: Urinating superheroes:

Urinating superheroes

on the organization of urinal sex:

Guys will often (very carefully) cruise each other at the urinals and then move to a stall or to some other location for the sex. If the men’s room is truly remote and is heavily used as a tearoom, the action can be quite blatant, with urinal cruising leading to sex at the urinals or (to free the urinals up for other heavy cruisers) against a wall or even in the middle of the tearoom floor. The guys who are performing might enjoy putting on a show, and there might be guys who like to watch them.

1/14/16: Kike Sorroche, ilustrador homoerótico:

Kike Sorroche, ilustrador homoerótico

Sorroche’s character Aday’s adventures at the beach, mostly cruising in the dunes

1/31/16: Cruise Jogger:

Cruise Jogger

name for PUMP! jogging shorts with prominent pouch and side pockets

3/6/16: Sex in the shadows:

Sex in the shadows

Daily Jocks ad with intense cruise face on the model

3/17/16: Boxing:


PUMP! Cruise Boxer (pouch and side pockets) and Touchdown Cruise Boxer (with a fly as well)

4/28/16: Gay comics in the 21st century:

Gay comics in the 21st century

#2: Mioki’s Side by Side characters Rick and Evan:

Rick as the central figure in a droll t-room sequence (the first panel, with him flagrantly cruising for sex at the urinals, is especially entertaining)

11/14/16: Trisyllabic feet in tetrametrical orgy:

Trisyllabic feet in tetrametrical orgy

about the gay porn flick BuckleRoos, with a reference to buddy cruising:

it’s a long, sweet love story (as so many ambitious gay porn flicks are). Kick and Jed share a bed; they jack off to gay porn videos together; they cruise for sex together … ; but they don’t kiss, or hold each other, or share their dicks.

12/24/16: This year’s most puzzling Christmas card:

This year’s most puzzling Christmas card

#1: The main figure appears to be an oddly costumed Brobdingnagian Clone Santa (Clone as in the Castro Clone of the 1970s), complete with The Clone ‘Stache and the Cruise of Death gaze, plus a red Santa cap

2/23/17: Coded!:


#1-3: startlingly intense Cruise of Death in underwear ads

3/6/17: A Pinter moment:

A Pinter moment

The West Heath is regarded as one of the safest night-time gay cruising grounds in London. George Michael revealed that he cruised on the heath, an activity he then parodied on the Extras Christmas Special.

3/26/17: On the boulevard of broken dreams with Kip Noll:

On the boulevard of broken dreams with Kip Noll

cruising for gay sex (as Kip Noll’s surfer twink character always is), along the beach or on the streets, the boulevards of sex, tricking just for pleasure or for money (turning tricks)

4/21/17: rest stop:

rest stop

gay porn with men cruising park restrooms looking for sex; urinal scope-out in #8

6/30/17: In the dunes, in the dunes:

In the dunes, in the dunes

Michael Lucas’s Fire Island Cruising gay porn flicks; and cruising among the dunes in general

8/19/17: An urban jungle:

An urban jungle

Secluded “wild” areas in urban parks quite often serve as locales for cruising and hooking-up for sex. In particular, [the Ramble in Central Park]

#10: Al Pacino, on the prowl in the Ramble in the movie Cruising

3/7/18: Manly St. Patrick:

Manly St. Patrick

material on the TitanMen gay porn flick L.A. Cruising

4/9/18: The gay world of Yvon Goulet:

The gay world of Yvon Goulet

#1: a work that’s far from X-rated (no sexual bits at all) but is nevertheless steeped in a ritual of mansex, t-room cruising, in this case at the urinals

note on the N + N compound t-room queen ‘man who cruises public restrooms for sex with men’

7/19/18: Get your cruise face on:

Get your cruise face on

#1: (underwear ad) on the left, crotch display and Engaged Face (“Hey, buddy, we can do this”); on the right, butt display and Seductive Face (“Think you can handle this, big boy?”)
#2: (underwear ad) frontal muscle fantasy and Supercilious Face (“Look on my body, you peon, and despair!”)
#3: (gay cartoon) street cruising, with its apotheotic facial expression, the Killer Cruise, aka the Cruise of Death

The facial expression for classic cruising-for-sex between strangers in public is impassive, betraying no emotion; what’s important is the exchange of gaze, held for much longer than would normally be polite in the circumstances.

cruising in parks and woods; and in t-rooms

11/3/18: News for penises: the Halloween gay porn report:

News for penises: the Halloween gay porn report

Then there are the facial expressions. Supinus is in craftsman mode, focused on his performance, with his gaze on his partner. Erectus, on the other hand, is in egocentric mode (“look at me!”, projecting a seductive cruise face), gaze on his audience and totally breaking the frame of the scene.

11/29/18: He came from the sea … And can only love me:

He came from the sea … And can only love me

The model in #1 appears to be striding out of the surf. He’s loose-limbed, very loosely (as well as minimally) clothed, with fly-away hair and a complex expression: narrowed eyes, slack open mouth, maybe half-smiling, maybe flirting, maybe teasing, maybe cruising.
The facial expression in #2 is also conventional, a variant of the Cruise of Death, a penetrating, dominating stare. In #1 we get something more like a snapshot taken unawares, and the model’s face can be read in many ways; it’s intriguing in a way that #2’s is not (I’ve posted dozens of underwear ads with facial expressions like #2’s).

1/30/19: Manly in Australia:

Manly in Australia

(#3) [The cover of the porn DVD Manly Beach], with three pornstars doing various versions of come-hither cruising, including Root Calahan’s coy approach
(#5) More come-hither cruising from Dex Brown, Root Calahan, and Ian Layman

2/15/19: From the files of facial expressions in gay porn:

From the files of facial expressions in gay porn

#1 gay porn sale ad showing Dirk Caber and Dakota Rivers as smiling lovers, gazing at the viewer

#1 is a display shot. A pose for the viewer, embodying a relationship between the subject(s) and the viewer, intended to provide the viewer with pleasure, arousal, and eventually ejaculation. When the subject(s) and viewer lock gazes, you might think of it as a kind of cruise of the viewer, suggesting the possibility of a hook-up, maybe to climax. That is, a sexual display easily morphs into a sexual offer; see my 12/30/18 posting “Sexual displays > offers: prone, supine, lateral”.

5/25/19: High 5 from a bison:

High 5 from a bison

section on cruising for sex in Griffith Park in L.A.

6/6/19: What makes the world go round?:

What makes the world go round?

David Bourdon and Gregory Battcock and their cruising for sex

6/19/19: The Magificent WaterSports:

The Magnificent WaterSports

Daily Jocks swimwear ad with four models assuming a variety of cruise faces

6/24/19: On your knees for St. George Michael:

On your knees for St. George Michael

a script for such [sexual] encounters [at urinals] — sideways glances held just a bit longer than expected beween strangers, hands on dicks that aren’t urinating but are then stroked when the glances lock successfully — that’s suppose to ensure that both men understand they are cruising for sex and they’re both into it, after which one of them will get down on his knees to suck off the other, either right there in the open or in a stall.

7/27/19: Wary:


two male lovers in a gay porn ad, displaying extraordinary cruise faces to their audience

10/1/19: Up to the line, and sometimes over:

Up to the line, and sometimes over

#1: extremely hunky model with his hand in his shorts, fondling his cock, while flashing an intense cruise-face

10/5/19: A man, his hands, his pants:

A man, his hands, his pants

#2: repeat of photo in the prevous

2/28/20: A clean t-room is a *happy* t-room:

A clean t-room is a *happy* t-room

Smokey Robinson’s silken-voiced ballad “Cruisin’”:

Baby let’s cruise
Let’s float, let’s glide
Ooh let’s open up and go inside

3/8/20: Where is the fishmonger?:

Where is the fishmonger?

facial expression and gaze in sexual negotiations between men
#1 and #2: examples from gay porn ads, with pairs of men engaged sexually with one another but with gazes intensely cruising their audience

3/9/20: There’s a Page about it:

There’s a page about it

announcement of this page; documentary on gay cruising

3/25/20: Three men:

Three men

#1 Jack Vidra cruise face

3/28/20: Reading faces:

Reading faces

inscrutability of facial expressions

3/31/20: The smoulder:

The smoulder

actor Kevin Smith doing the Smoulder, the straight counterpart of the gay Cruise of Death

4/5/20: In the fantasy locker room:
Falcon: Tales From the Locker Room (2020) – heavy cruise faces

4/7/20: Alex’s Locker Room:

Alex’s Locker Room

regular-blog version of the above

4/10/20: Easter eggs 2020.2: The homoerotic egg hunt:

Easter eggs 2020.2: The homoerotic egg hunt

#1 cruise face

6/12/20: Bad Chico:

Bad Chico

#1 cruise face

7/13/20: Turkish turquoise:

Turkish turquoise

#1 cruise faces

10/22/20: humongous:


#2 cruise of death

10/28/20: Every picture tells a story:

Every picture tells a story

cruise faces in homoerotic Daily Jocks ad

10/29/20: Cruisy contempolence:

Cruisy contemptolence

cruise faces in several Daily Jocks ads

1/13/21: Fun jocks ad their models:

Fun jocks and their models

#2: one of the Scott twins performing a heavy cruise face

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