Sexual displays > offers: prone, supine, lateral

(This posting — about the male body and mansex in plain language — is entirely unsuitable for kids and the sexually modest.)

(A version of my posting today on AZBlogX , “Offers: prone, supine, lateral”, with X-rated images either cropped or removed. Meanwhile, holiday postings continue: Santa Claus appears in #10 below.)

On this blog on the 29th, a piece “The side display”, about displays of the male body (especially in photographs — including four of Richard Vytniorgu, who will appear again below), primarily about the side display,

a standing posture, posed so that the display focuses on the model’s face and bare buttocks

concluding with mention of

horizontal body shots, with the model lying either in a supine display (face up, presenting the front surface of his body), or in a prone display (face down, presenting the rear surface of his body), or in a lateral display (lying on one side), with either the front or the rear surface of his body facing the camera.

These are just displays, depictions, which can serve many functions — as works of (male) art, as illustrations in clothing advertisements, as porn or advertisements for porn, as sexual advertisements.

But displays can be amped up from mere depictions, realizing their potential as offers of the body (and so as incitements to (sexual) action).

Prone display > prone offer. Here are three prone displays (of a notably furry guy and two smooth ones):

(#1) From my 7/6/15 posting “Offers”; view from the rear

(#2) From the Naked Man Project, model Travis; view from the side

(#3) Richard Vytniorgu, view from the front/head, focused on his eyes and lips

Many gay men, responding to their predilections and desires, would look upon these butts and find them arousing, would be inclined to view them as implicit offers; but they’re just posed bodies. Sometimes, however, the offer is explicit: the subject spreads his legs and humps up his ass, making his asshole available (and his cock and balls visible), as here:

(#4) Richard Vytniorgu, spread and humped up (cropped; full shot on AZBlogX)

Spread and humped up, still in a variant of the prone position, but now offering his body. He could be easily fucked in this position, or he could raise himself up on his knees, offering himself for a doggie fuck (illustrations in the “Offers” posting). And his head is at the edge of the bed, so that whether he’s on his belly or on his knees, his mouth is aso available, for sucking the cock of a second man.

Supine display > supine offer. A supine display makes a man’s cock fully available, so this is a position that leads naturally to jacking off, and also to offering his cock for another man to suck. The display, without any offer:

(#5) Naked Man Project, Travis again (cropped; full shot on AZBlogX)

You can convert this display into an explicit offer of anal sex by “frogging up” — spreading your legs and raising them, making your asshole available for fucking in the missionary position. (See my 1/28/16 posting “Lower bangs higher” for some notes on frogging up, with “legs splayed out like a frog on a dissection mat”.) Two offers from earlier postings on this blog:

(#6) In a chair, for easy access, and easy kissing as well (image on AZBlogX)

(#7) On a sofa, a nicely composed photo of an offer that combines frogging up with a pitsntits display (image on AXBlogX)

And one from Richard Vytniorgu (pitsntits again):

(#8) Different body type; eyes closed ecstatically, rather than gazing at the camera (and the viewer) (cropped; full shot on AZBlogX)

Lateral display > lateral offer. The line between displays and offers is very thin indeed. I take this Naked Man Project shot (of the model Terry) to be mere display (from the front):


Shots from the rear, however, focus on the buttocks and so are likely to be seen as offers, even if clothing covers the asshole:

(#10) Richard Vytniorgu, in a thong and a Christmas drama with Daddy Claus

And then there’s:

(#11) Surrealistic Table, with buttocks (from the “Offers” posting)

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