Lower bangs higher

(Some genuine language stuff in here, but in the context of serious man-man sex described in very plain language, so not for kids or the sexually modest.)

On the 25th, this ad (from a gay porn aggregation service using the name Genuine Lust), under the heading “Crossed Swords”, referring both to weapons and to penises:


This is serious role reversal, on (at least) three fronts: class, status, and race/ethnicity. Meanwhile, the text (in the dialogue above, and in some ad copy) is both bizarre and rife with errors (of various kinds) in English. The ad copy:

Beautiful themed movies with only the best actors shot with the best cameras the humanity ever known. Watch these sirs.

The sexual action. What’s concealed by the “Watch NOW” inset is clearly man A (on the left) positioned with his hard dick at man B’s asshole, about to plunge into it.

This is (about to be) fucking in the “missionary position”, face to face. If you’re about to be fucked in this position, you’ll want to spread your legs, to make it easier for him to enter you. If you’re a guy about to be fucked in this position, you’ll need to get your legs up, to make your asshole available for your fucker. There are quite a few ways to manage this (three illustrated in #6-8 in an AZBlogX posting of 7/6/15 about ways to offer your body for fucking); in #1, A is holding one of B’s legs up by the ankle, while B is apparently resting the other raised leg on a piece of furniture. (Note the Turkish furnishings.)

In most of these missionary positions, the fuckhole has his legs splayed out like a frog on a dissection mat —


(This is a plastic frog; no animals were harmed in the preparation of this posting.) So I’ve sometimes called taking this position “frogging up” (to get fucked).

The social situation. A is framed as a soldier (specifically, a Turkish soldier), B as a British ranking officer. A’s status (and likely social class, as working class) you can judge from his uniform (or what’s left of it) and from his use of the Turkish respectful address term effendi to B; and his nationality can be judged from his appearance and from effendi. For his part, B has no uniform (or any other clothing) for us to judge him by — however did they get this far into the encounter without its being clear that A was going to fuck B and that B was willing, even anxious, to be fucked? — but he uses the posh British address term dear sir to A; and of course B is clearly a white guy.

So A is lower than B in class, status, and race/ethnicity/nationality. In Gayland, the fantasy world of gay porn, that, of course, makes A more masculine, and hence more desirable as a partner (especially a dominant one) in sex. Lower fucking higher is then a delicious role reversal, for both partners, on three fronts at once.

Not just in Gayland, but to some extent in the real world, where (as I have noted) some middle-class (or higher) men seek out encounters with working-class partners (especially dominant ones) and some white men seek out encounters with black or latino partners (especially dominant ones).

The pragmatics of the encounter. In real-life role-reversal situations, we expect the lower (but dominant) partner to talk bluntly, or harshly, or even derogatorily, to the higher (but submissive) man: a lower dom is configured as a stud, a real man, the higher sub as a queer, a fag(got), etc., and this sort of dirty talk is likely to be part of the attraction in such encounters. But men differ in their linguistic tastes in these matters. Some subs, in particular, might not tolerate the humiliation and insult in high-end dirty talk, but others might welcome, or even invite, it. In real life, it’s not uncommon for the two men in a sexual encounter to negotiate on language as well as on sexual acts, but in role-reversal situations the dominant partner is usually allowed considerable latitude in setting the terms, both linguistic and carnal, of the encounter.

So the language in #1 is distinctly odd. Man A uses the respectful address term effendi, asks for permission to fuck B, uses the less powerful (though still somewhat vulgar) verb bang (where surely the expected verb would be fuck), uses please, and even frames the request as a question. Despite the fact that he’s about to screw B’s ass like a jack-hammer (and at this point in the encounter, there’s little B could do to stop him, since A is firmly in control of B’s body), he is massively, laughably, polite.

B is equally polite in return, not so surprising in a submissive bottom, but instead of recognizing A as the superior man (in several senses), B treats him as a social equal, through the use of the British address term dear sir. In real life, at this point B would be crying out something like “Oh god, fuck me, fuck me, please fuck me!”, not coolly giving permission. (In my racy earlier years, back in the Pleistocene, I witnessed several such encounters, merely heard quite a few more, and enthusiastically participated in a number of them, so I know whereof I speak. I never heard, much less uttered, something like the measured “I am all yours!” — B isn’t responsible, of course, for the misspelling yourse.)

A note on effendi in modern English. NOAD2 gives two senses for effendi, one as a referential term, one as a term of address:

[referential term] (pl. effendis) a man of high education or social standing in an eastern Mediterranean or Arab country

[address term] historical   a title of respect or courtesy in Turkey

What we see in #1 is the address term; #1 is clearly from a gay historical fantasy set in Ottoman Turkey in World War I or earlier. Apparently, in this fantasy world, guys talk in an archaic variety of English, in a very polite register, even when they’re fucking like minks.

The origin of effendi has its own interest. From NOAD2:

early 17th cent.: from Turkish efendi, from modern Greek aphentēs, from Greek authentēs ‘lord, master’

Compare the NOAD2 origin for the adjective authentic, which goes back to a Greek adjective related to the noun authentēs:

late Middle English: via Old French from late Latin authenticus, from Greek authentikos ‘principal, genuine’

So from a noun meaning ‘lord, master’, an adjective meaning ‘chief, main, principal’, which then develops the sense ‘real, genuine’.

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  1. Robert Coren Says:

    I’m inclined to read the overly formal and polite language as a deliberate attempt at humor.

  2. Chris Ambidge Says:

    While A is framed as a soldier, and is using the Turkish-signalling word “Effendi”, I wouldn’t say he’s necessarily a Turkish soldier. That’s a British uniform jacket, not something from the Ottoman empire.

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