Dean Phoenix, Dirk Yates, and curvature

On AZBlogX on the 26th, a posting “Dean Phoenix in disguise” that starts (#1 there) with an ad (titled “Ahead of the Curve”) for the Dirk Yates gay porn flick God Was I Drunk (2013), in which the DP character is presented as a straight army private who, under the influence of drink, agrees to have sex (for cash, in a video) with another straight soldier. This is a routine story line for the Dirk Yates flicks, which purport to show straight military men having sex with men (other straight military men) for the first time (for cash, in a video by Yates). The men are framed as real military men, not actors, and they always get seriously into the sex.

The idea is to provide a double dose of masculinity for the gay male viewer: the masculinity of the military (an appeal I appreciate at some level, though it’s not particularly my thing) and the masculinity of straight guys (who, we all know, are superior to gay men, gay men being, after all, just fags and sissies — an appeal I totally fail to appreciate). Folded in there somewhere is the idea that all men are, deep down, gay, well at least bisexual — in particular, able to enjoy fellating men and receptive anal intercourse with a male partner — an idea that doesn’t fit especially well with the idea that straight guys are superiorly masculine, but then lots of people have inconsistent beliefs and attitudes.

But Dean Phoenix (born Curtis Dean Hutchinson) is a long-established major pornstar (his first film was in 1998, when he was 24), not an amateur, and certainly not a military man, ever (he came out in high school, in a time when openly gay men were not at all welcome in the military). He’s a favorite of mine, really good at what he does, and he has a famous warm smile as well as a very nice body and a big penis, strongly downcurved, which is where the heading “Ahead of the Curve” comes from. Details (and photos) on AZBlogX.

I doubt that anyone in God Was I Drunk is an amateur, and I wonder if any of the guys in Dirk Yates flicks are military men hired off the streets, so to speak. Since I find the premise of the Dirk Yates genre icky, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of his flicks, and I certainly don’t own any of them. But if I were persuaded that they’re really just ordinary gay porn flicks, with professional actors practicing their craft, that would take some (but not all) of the edge off their ickiness.

In the real world, there are gay men who enjoy the challenge of getting straight men to have sex with them; alcohol is usually involved.

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